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What Obama could learn from Kennedy

When one writes a weekly column, the first thing one must do is, of course, decide on the event to be covered in the column for a given week. There were a number of possibilities this week. Herman Cain denied that he sexually harassed two female employees while he was President of the National Restaurant [ Read More ]

The Adopt-a-Senior Program seeks help from the community

All of us are affected by the shaky economy, whether at the gas pump, the grocery store, or determining how low we can set the thermostat. These worries have an even larger impact on older adults on low fixed incomes. As prices go up many find it difficult to buy the most basic personal and [ Read More ]

The Senate has acknowledged that the US is in a trade war

The United States Senate last week acknowledged what too many Ohio workers and manufacturers already know: that we are in a trade war. We took steps to fight back by passing the biggest bipartisan jobs bill this session of Congress: my bipartisan bill to combat Chinese currency manipulation. The Commerce Department released new trade deficit [ Read More ]

Canal expansion will benefit the United States

I traveled to Panama last week to discuss implementation of a free-trade agreement. During the visit, I met with Panama’s president, Ricardo Martinelli, and participated in panel discussions on economic development with members of the country’s National Assembly. The topics included issues that could benefit Southern Ohio. I’m excited about what the expansion and improvement [ Read More ]

Bookworm Sez
‘Man in the Music’ is eye opening, well-balanced

There was no way you were sitting down. As soon as you heard those four notes – just four beats – your feet were itching to move. You were up and on the dance floor quick, not caring that you didn’t have a partner. With songs like that, you’d dance alone but not for long: [ Read More ]

Elections have consequences

After seven years as a State Representative I thought I had seen everything. I have had several difficult votes and several more that have caused me great stress. They pale in comparison to the vote recently taken in the Ohio House and Senate to have a split primary election. We recently voted to have a [ Read More ]

Give a little, help a lot

If you have already voted, and you voted for the Clermont Senior Services Levy, thank you. If you haven’t voted, I urge you to go to the polls next Tuesday to cast your vote for issue 13. We’ve done our best to get the word out that this is a renewal levy, which means it [ Read More ]

Is Cain’s web video part of a great plan?

The news over the past few days had been all about Rick Perry. Perry announced that he would give a statement about his “flat tax” plan. Perry said that after having dinner with Donald Trump he wasn’t sure that President Obama was born in the U.S.A. because Trump doesn’t think the President’s birth certificate is [ Read More ]

Seniors will see an increase in their Social Security payments

Meals. Medicine. Mortgage. Ohio seniors carry a heavy financial burden in meeting basic needs. Costs for the items they use most continue to increase. Yet, for the past few years, the Social Security benefit seniors receive has remained stagnant. That’s finally changed: monthly Social Security benefits will increase in January 2012. Last week, the Social [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘Dr. Ozzy’ is funny, profane

You can feel it down to your bones. You’ve got a pain in the neck, for one thing. No, not that kind – a real pain in the neck and it’s not going away. Work has been a headache – literally – and your feelings are a little bruised. Maybe it’s all because you fell [ Read More ]

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