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Marc Hoover:
Are you ready for some football?

Thursday was the season opener for the 2017-2018 NFL season. It’s a matchup between two teams that made the playoffs last season. The Kansas City Chiefs visit Foxborough, Massachusetts to play the New England Patriots. Of course, the Patriots went on to win last year’s Super Bowl in dramatic fashion. As most of my friends [ Read More ]

Everybody Has Issues:
Suicide prevention month

September is Suicide Prevention Month. Nearly 800,000 people (43,000 Americans) die by suicide every year. Twenty-five times as many attempt but fail. Raising awareness and making the subject no longer taboo are two key requirements if we are to make progress in suicide prevention. Studies have resulted in the identification of risk factors and warning [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez:
A book you don’t want to miss

White sandy beaches. Waves that gently kiss your toes with warm water. In your minds’ eye, they stretch for miles and they’re yours to explore. That will be your retirement – or so you hope. But as you’ll see in “How Do I Get There From Here?” by George H. Schofield, PhD, you might dare [ Read More ]

Haddon Lockyer:
4 Years Comic

This comic strip, “4 Years,” is an almost-weekly series by 11-year-old Haddon Lockyer of Batavia.

Senator Sherrod Brown:
Opioid emergency declaration overdue

Ohioans don’t need a declaration to tell them the opioid crisis is a national emergency. Many of them are living this nightmare every day. This month, after the White House Commission on Combatting Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis unveiled formal recommendations to address the opioid epidemic, President Trump finally announced he would declare the [ Read More ]

Senator Rob Portman:
A deep dive into the heroin and prescription drug epidemic

Heroin and prescription drugs have ravaged our communities. Overdose deaths have become so prevalent that coroners’ offices across the state are literally running out of space. This is a national epidemic, and, sadly, Ohio is at the center of it. The number one cause of crime in Ohio is opioid addiction and related offenses committed [ Read More ]

Rick Houser:
What a way to end the summer

For as long as I can recall and I am guessing for as far back as history records one event has always signaled summer was heading to its end. That was the first day of school. To some it was an event of excitement and to some of us it was a return to a [ Read More ]

Marc Hoover:
Boycott the NFL? Not likely

Every year I look forward to watching Washington Redskins football. Unfortunately, the nation is engulfed in controversy over racial discrimination. And it appears that different groups of people want to boycott the NFL because several players have refused to stand for the national anthem. The chain of events began with former player Colin Kaepernick, who [ Read More ]

Hicks: Time for Uible to accept reality on hotel tax

And it’s time for Painter to lead the way forward The August 17 edition of The Clermont Sun featured a prominent article entitled “Commissioners discuss hotel tax.” The article had lots of talk from Commissioners Painter and Humphrey and lovely pictures of each. But, where was Commissioner Uible? Why were Painter and Humphrey, like so [ Read More ]

Lee Hamilton:
Nine presidents

One reason I consider myself fortunate to have led a life in politics is that, over time, I’ve had a chance to work with nine presidents. From Lyndon Johnson through Barack Obama, I’ve talked policy, politics and, sometimes, the trivial details of daily life with them. I met JFK twice for brief conversations. I don’t [ Read More ]

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