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Group rides to raise support for lost US soldiers

They have a mission, they have the means, and their will to be heard echoed off the walls of Washington DC on Memorial Day.

Miniature horses make wonderful pets

Wayne and Donna Roehm are raising a miniature horse named Stardust. The miniature horse is what is known as a height breed. According to the American Miniature Horse Association, miniature horses are 34 inches or shorter.

Celebration of Hope and Heroes honors survivors

In honor of Mental Health Month, the Clermont Mercy Hospital

Ten families displaced due to rule violation

A number of families from the Felicity area are calling foul after a contract dispute led Clermont County Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) to cancel their contracts and order a move to different landlords by the end of summer or face the loss of their section eight housing benefits.

Live Oaks student hits goal he set

Clermont County native Justin Joy has never missed a day of school. Joy attended Willowville Elementary before moving on to the Glen Este Middle, Junior and Senior High Schools. While at Glen Este High School, he received a career passport to study interactive media at Live Oaks Vocational School.

Union Township to form public access station

Beginning later this summer, more than a decade of cooperation between Union Township and Anderson-Union Community Television will end.

Willowville Elementary holds annual Memorial Day Parade

Hundreds of students, parents and visiting veterans turned out to honor Memorial Day last Friday at the 29th annual Willowville Memorial Day Parade. The yearly event on Schoolhouse Road continued a tradition of growth and excitement as students from every grade level in the elementary school contributed to the day

Jazz in June coming June 8

Supporters of mental health treatment in the county are jazzed about being wined and dined this week. The second annual Jazz in June benefit will be held June 8 to benefit the Clermont Counseling Center.

Homeless shelter seeking a new home

While Clermont County may not be known for the sight of people sleeping in the street or on park benches, the issue of homelessness continues to be a growing problem for many Clermont County residents.

Illegals not a big issue for Clermont, according to sheriff

While other Ohio counties and states around the nation are seeing news of illegal immigrant roundups, there is little chance of a similar activity being executed in Clermont County, said Sheriff Tim Rodenberg. According to a statement issued by Sheriff Rodenberg, there has been little to no activity or issues involving illegal immigrants in the county, and there is little cause to believe that there will be any in the near future.

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