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Bethel-Tate is weighing levy, budget cuts

Residents of the Bethel-Tate school district may soon face the decision to pass or defeat a school levy issue. Then again, said district superintendent Jim Smith, they may not. The final decision has not been made, but the current status of funding in the district leaves little room for the district planners to move in.

New Richmond to bill for responding to traffic crashes

New Richmond has recently passed legislation to send out bills after the village police or fire departments respond to traffic accidents. The new policy, which was introduced by Police Chief David Willoughby several months ago and passed by council in mid-November, will enable the village to recover some of the costs associated with the time spent investigating traffic accidents (cars or trucks), the chief said.

WISHES program offers day care for children at Wildey Center

It is literally designed to give best WISHES for a new year. There are currently four spots available to significant needs children in the area to enroll in WISHES, one of the most innovative and successful programs developed by the Clermont County Board of MRDD, Early Intervention and Child Focus, Inc.

Governor is promoting new energy, jobs plan

Ohio state governor Ted Strickland is asking state residents to support his new Energy, Jobs, and Progress Plan. Introduced in August, the new energy plan, which passed in the Ohio State Senate but is still under review in the Ohio State House of Representatives, has multiple facets, but three major objectives.

Mediation program hoped to ease foreclosures

While Clermont County has long been known for its high rate of growth in housing, the local market has not been immune to the downturn that has affected the housing market nationally. Judge Robert Ringland, of the Clermont County Court of Common Pleas, said that he hopes to throw a lifeline to local lenders and homeowners and create a way to slow or even reverse the housing decline in southern Ohio.

Lathams to receive ‘First Families’ award

The Latham family of Batavia and The Clermont Sun have been chosen to receive the Ohio Newspaper Association’s “First Families of Ohio Newspapers Award.” The award will be presented Feb. 13 at the ONA’s convention in Columbus, and will be part of the association’s 75th anniversary celebration.

Amelia mayor, councilman take oath of office Jan. 5

Amelia Mayor Leroy Ellington would make only one concrete and solemn promise to village residents at his inaugural ceremony Jan. 5 – to represent the taxpayers, his family, and his friends with integrity and honor.

Liberty Tax Service in Milford to hold grand opening Jan. 15

The Liberty Tax Service company in Milford is holding its grand opening event Jan. 15 and helping American soldiers call home. The new Milford Liberty Tax Service franchise is a national premier partner with Cell Phones for Soldiers, an organization with a mission to provide our American men and women stationed and fighting overseas with calling cards to stay in touch with their families back here at home.

New phone scam has targeted Clermont County residents

Beware the next incoming call, it could be a scam. According to detectives in two Clermont County police departments, at least three county residents in the past few months have been hit by a phone scam that, if successful, could cost the victim hundreds of dollars.

Clermont County Commissioners recognize returning Iraq War veteran

U.S. Army specialist Talon Matson, home for only a brief break from his second tour of duty in Iraq, was honored at an appreciation ceremony held at the Clermont County Board of Commissioner’s Jan. 8.

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