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Expansion, new facilities planned at Mt. Moriah Cemetery

As ground is being prepared to expand the interment facilities at Mt. Moriah Cemetery in Union Township, plans are being finalized to improve the landmark’s facilities for the living. The Heritage Memorial Park, which will be located in the southwest corner of the cemetery, will be two acres of parkland designed to give visitors a place to gather, relax and enjoy a little ceremony from time to time.

Tournament held by Felicity students to raise money for Costa Rica trip

The Felicity-Franklin High School held a cornhole tournament Feb. 9 to raise funds for a trip to Costa Rica this summer for the 10 high school students enrolled in the ecological and cultural diversity class. The 10 students enrolled in the class each need $2,000 to cover the expenses for the trip; the class needs to raise a total of $20,000 by the end of March or the trip will have to be postponed.

Linz pleads guilty vehicular homicide

A Goshen woman may spend as many as 18 years behind bars after pleading guilty to causing an accident that killed a toddler late last year. Diana Linz, 34, ran a stop sign and struck a vehicle driven by the child’s mother, killing the boy, Ian Graves, and injuring the boy’s mother, Christy Bishop, and her boyfriend, Lyle Sentman.

Bethel police officer promoted

Bethel auxiliary police officer Steve Teague has been promoted to part-time status, a move which Bethel Police Chief John Wallace said will be positive for the village. The part-time positions were created last year as a way of rewarding, and hopefully retaining, auxiliary police officers who showed promise.

West Clermont residents to vote on 1 percent personal income tax

West Clermont voters will have the opportunity to either approve or reject a 1 percent alternative base income tax that will appear on the March 4 ballot. Superintendent Gary Brooks, in an open letter to school district residents, wanted to be very clear on Issue 7 by saying that its passage will accomplish three very important things for the thousands of students attending West Clermont.

Village Association of Batavia announces property awards

The Village Association of Batavia has announced the winners of this month’s property home improvement awards. Receiving the recognition for the month of February are the home of Richard Bradburn, located at 750 Shelly Drive, and the Salvation Army Church building, located at 87 N. Market Street.

Homeowners may qualify for septic upgrade assistance

County residents facing the costly repair of an aging or failing septic tank system may be in for a little help. The Clermont County Health District has secured grant funding from the county to use towards the renovation or replacement of such systems for residents in dire need of the updates.

Clermont Transportation Connection purchases buses

The Clermont Transportation Connection has purchased five medium duty transit buses for the express routes from Amelia to downtown. The Board of Commissioners, in their regular work session Feb. 20, passed legislation authorizing the purchase and delivery of the buses.

Pierce Township shooting suspect apprehended in Florida

A suspect alleged to be involved in a shooting that occurred in Pierce Township Feb. 23 has been arrested in Jacksonville, Fla. Pierce Township police chief James Smith reports that township resident Brandon Phillips has been identified as the person that fired a 9 mm handgun at James Gregory Collett.

Amelia honors deploying soldier

More than 60 people attended the departure party for Amelia police officer and Marine Corps MP Matt Braden, who is being deployed to Iraq this month. Amelia Mayor Leroy Ellington said that the open house, held in council chambers Feb. 26, was a way to honor Braden’s willingness to serve our country and to provide his family and friends the opportunity to thank him for the sacrifice during this precarious time of war.

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