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Willenburg sentenced to 14 years

Shauna Willenburg, the Brown County resident who caused a wreck in Jackson Township that killed an unborn child last year, has been sentenced to 14 years in prison. An intoxicated Willenburg ran a stop sign and struck a 2002 Buick Rendevous on US 50.

New crosswalk signs go up in Bethel

The village of Bethel has new crosswalk signs. The old signs, which were rusted, had faded over time, and were very difficult to see, have now been replaced with newer, shinier signs. They have a “hurt-your-eyes” green color, said Bethel police chief John Wallace.

Possible heart attack claims life of car crash victim

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is reporting that Morrow resident Thomas L. Williams may have suffered a heart attack that led him to crash his automobile in Goshen Township May 26. The car crash that claimed the life of 56-year-old Williams occurred around 9:53 p.m. on State Route 28 and Goshen Road in Goshen Township.

Frontier Days returns to Milford

The 46th annual Milford Frontier Days festival returns this weekend, June 5 – 8. The Frontier Day’s annual parade, sponsored this year by the Sardinia Concrete Company, kicks off the four-day festival in Milford at 6:30 p.m. June 5.

Closing of Batavia Transmission delayed one month

Ford Motor’s Batavia Transmission plant, which was scheduled to halt production and close May 30, will now stay open until the end of June or early July. The extension announcement, which was made in Clermont County last week, is temporarily some very good news for the plant’s more than 780 employees.

Dunkin’ Donuts open for business in Owensville

Dunkin’ Donuts in Owensville is now open for business. The popular restaurant marked the occasion, which attracted close to 50 interested people, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and celebration in front of the store May 30.

Peregrine falcons banded at Zimmer

You could hear them before you could see them. The incessant squawking of the three newborn peregrine falcon chicks drowned out every other sound as state biologists banded their legs for identification at Duke Energy’s Zimmer Power Station in Moscow May 30.

School levy has opposition

Opposition to the Batavia Local School District’s proposed building project and bond levy has become organized. Several Batavia residents have formed a community group to oppose the proposed levy.

Pleasant Hill listed on the National Register

Pleasant Hill, the historic Miami Township home of Scot and Theresa Conover, has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. On April 30, the National Park Service announced the listing of the home, located on State Route 131, to the National Register, the federal government’s official list of significantly historic properties that are deemed worthy of preservation.

Patrol reports holiday was safest in past 38 years

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is reporting that last weekend’s Memorial Day holiday was the safest holiday weekend on record in the past 38 years. From 6 p.m. May 23rd through midnight May 25, there were a total of six people killed on Ohio’s roads, two on motorcycles and four in automobiles.

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