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Merwin students prepare for state tests

To prepare for the Ohio Achievement Tests, the students at the Merwin Elementary School held a week of fun and educational activities April 14-18. This week-long celebration on the importance of preparedness, as the elementary school deemed it, was initiated to prepare the students for not only the scheduled state achievement tests (which were held this week), but for scheduled testing all throughout the entire school year as well.

Police break up drug ring in Goshen Township

A drug trafficking and counterfeiting ring was uncovered in Goshen Township April 10. After a three-month joint investigation, the Goshen Township Police Department, the Miami Township Police Department, and Clermont County Sheriff’s deputies raided five trailers in the Green Acres Mobile Home Park last week and found heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and equipment used to make counterfeit money.

Cottage Garden Greenhouse opens in New Richmond

The Cottage Garden Greenhouse is opening in New Richmond May 3. The idea of longtime New Richmond residents Jeanne Hilt and Nancy Swats, the new greenhouse business is something that the two best friends have wanted to do since they met in the village 10 years ago.

Dunkin Donuts restaurant to open in Owensville

Dunkin’ Donuts is opening in Owensville next month. Opening adjacent to the Owensville BP in the center of the village, the new Dunkin’ Donuts store will now join Angilo’s, Gramma’s, Country Cruze-In, and the Subway Sandwich Shop as one of only four restaurants operating in the village.

Tag’s General Store opens for business in Felicity

Nearly a year after a fire forced the closing of the Felicity General Store, the business, which has been a fixture in the community for 32 years, is once again serving customers. But the store hasn’t just been reopened. It has been completely renovated and expanded by owners Bob and Connie Taggart. The changes to the store were so extensive that the Taggarts thought a new name for the business was in order.

Sex offender arrested going door to door in Pierce Township

With the arrest of violent sex offender Parrish Shoemake last week, the Pierce Township Police Department is warning all residents not to open their doors to anyone. Shoemake, a sex offender from Arizona who was convicted of sex with a girl under age 14, was arrested in Pierce Township April 8 after a Clermont County deputy noticed him going door to door distributing flyers, an activity that is illegal in the township.

Former foster father heading to jail for sexual battery

Union Township resident Jaysen Bell was sentenced to five years in prison for molesting two of his foster sons. The five-year sentence, which was handed down by Clermont County Common Pleas Court judge Robert Ringland April 8, was the maximum sentence allowed under state law.

Linz receives 14-year jail sentence from Judge Ringland

Diane Linz, of Goshen, will spend the next 14 years in prison for the aggravated vehicular homicide of 23-month-old Ian Graves in an automobile accident that occurred at the intersection of Woodville Pike and Deerfield Road last November.

Amelia’s Groh Park closed after vandals strike

Vandalism in Amelia’s Groh Park last week by 11 juveniles has forced it’s closure for two weeks. Amelia Mayor Leroy Ellington closed the park after the acts of vandalism were discovered April 8.

Bigg’s presents check for the Matt Maupin Fund

Bigg’s Eastgate has donated $4,725 to benefit the Matt Maupin Scholarship Fund. Matt Maupin’s parents, Keith and Carolyn Maupin, were presented the donated funds during a check presentation ceremony at the Bigg’s store April 15.

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