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Wages Myers’ priority in OH-02 election effort

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Steve Myers

Join my nonpartisan progress for United States Representative in Ohio’s District 2, for our 2018 election.  Help grow Ohio’s nonpartisan movement!  Visit my website at RepMyers.US, where press and neighbors may connect with my effort, reach-out, and see upcoming events.

If you live in Adams, Clermont, Brown, eastern Hamilton, Highland, Pike, southern Ross, or western Scioto counties, you get to vote on Tuesday 6 November 2018 to end the forty-two years of neglect-through-failure in Ohio Congressional District 2.

My foremost goal is updating existing unitary wage laws so wages rise with gross national productivity—what nationals make worldwide—and people are paid through direct-deposit at the end of every shift.  This axiomatic upward-mobility policy is called the socialwage, and it adds purchasing velocity by prioritizing fairer earnings between working people and their bosses, and allowing families to prioritize faster and more efficiently where their earnings go.  The socialwage strengthens wage-based programs such as Social Security.

Legitimating the socialwage for the United States is paramount for less debt, for healthier meals, for our community health, for fairer earnings, for less income disparity and poverty, for world-class school districts, for affordable childcare, for stronger infrastructure, for more businesses, for better safety services, and for smarter long-term saving.

A contrast to a dynamic model of representation is electing someone who will vote on one’s dissonance with a winner-makes-decisions approach—a pawn that takes digressive causes’ money for reelection bids while personally gaining off one’s own inaction at our district’s detriment.  And the later is what I am running against now in the 2018 cycle.  I stand as the brave, clear choice for our seat:  A Representative and freethinking nonpartisan who works always for you.

The Congress sees my agenda as the veracity of helping citizens fulfill labor and military duties.  With singlepayor healthcare, veterans’ families will not be forgotten beneath wanton partisanship—or neglected in favor of pet projects that detract from social stabilization.

I stand and defend working peoples’ collective bargaining.  So-called “right to work” states obviously present the unhealthy union freeloader property but also the undesirable ills of a 51% higher fatality rate, lower pensions, and $6,437 less yearly household income.  We will be better overturning parts of the 1947 Taft-Hartley Act which considerably weaken personnel in 2018.

We will send a message of strictness by electing an incisive green-collar champion for this most riparian district for stronger environmental jobs—instead of a truculent officeholder who ignorantly votes against clean power and against climate change action by our Congress!

As Representative, I will vote for enforcing public schools, simplifying government, strengthening our outdated electoral process, ratifying the Denizen Amendment, enacting insurance on firearms and bullets, and making Social Security a lockbox to guarantee solvency.  View all of my agenda at RepMyers.US/Values.

I value respect, peace, and civicacy.  Today, we’ve literally lost decades to fullest hatred, institutional disrepair, and willful ignorance.  For too long the old Northwest has been overlooked for both coastal and metropolitan favoritism in appointments, public projects, and the direction of leadership.  Ohio in particular has been used more than any other state for political gain, based on partisan campaign advertising.  We will act aggressively for our neighbors, families, and friends of all stations in life and correct this exploitation. Our psyche will be whole so we will advance and have the recognition of those servants I will be working with.

Humans have zirconic drives—we require small physical tasks each day for our happiness.  In health and intellect, I am fit to serve as an excellent United States Representative, and I welcome compeers to live your best too.

My holistic vitality approach includes expanding insurance coverage to wellness and fitness programs and gyms, while strategizing to resolve lethal poverty and advance public health, under a bold package called Americana.  This includes a public, singlepayor health/dental/vision insurance for all non-pharmaceutical treatment.  The Americana Act also transforms Medicare to be the only, singlepayor nonprofit and nongovernmental entity responsible for all drug coverage.

Due to the loss of my father at age thirteen and my record of serving youths of District 2, I know children juggle, and are forced into tolerating, a lot they should not today:  I will never apologize for my active belief that the duty of suffrage must come at age 12!  I was Clermont Youth Employment Counselor from 1980 to 1983, and I served as Clermont Grand Jury Foreman from 2000 to 2001, hearing hundreds of cases including one resulting in tougher punishments for adults who murder minors.  I coached community sports from 1980 to 2005.

I am our educational justice candidate.  Schools must stop conferring obsolete titles such as class rank, honorary denotations, and Latin honors, and must ensure every student pursues an athletic extracurricular activity.  This ideal is more actualized with the desegregation of the sexes in sporting practices and competitions.

However, despite widening praise for those reforms, the current antischool rhetoric was absent when George W. Bush signed “No Child Left Behind.”  The drawback put toward education during the Bush presidency, with Bush’s party in control of both houses of the Congress, other than its discordance during global tumult, was that states lessened education funding to attempt to counterpoise “No Child Left Behind”—moreover because mistreatment of the collective economy caused many schools to falter without the funds they desperately needed.

Next, from 2009 to 2017, doltish White House attention toward public education, a true affront to public dynamism, increased the inferno with constant queues to private education’s front and misled a nation toward the crimes ensuing now.  Barack Obama’s zero student experience in U.S. public schools—and his doltish appointee’s, who was “CEO” of Chicago’s schools, disruptive sectualizing of schools’ constitutional system—were harbingers perpetuating the dismal social crisis with which we all continue to grapple.

The neoliberalism especially of racialized, affirmative admission minoritization—being a partisan contraption from market forces for company standing—makes citizens mindful about faulty school and collegiate guidance; lack of collegiate and professional recruitment practice and photography in it; and how such unfree actions must be abandoned by education first.  Lout, partisan pitches to public colleges and universities cannot make-up for the conditions, ease the direness for unification, or placate the overall attack on education that Bush, Obama, and their devotees permitted.

I am a lifetime and multigenerational resident of District 2 and a three-time graduate of the University of Cincinnati who believes we can overcome.  Please visit RepMyers.US, get involved, and help our Independent movement for a nonpartisan future and the socialwage!

Politics is about integrity and quality of life issues vital to maintaining health.  Join my progress today!

Steve Myers is the Independent candidate for U.S. Representative in Ohio District 2.  Join his effort and visit his website at RepMyers.US, and follow him on Twitter @RepMyers.


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