TID moves forward on 2016 construction

April 8th, 2016    Author: Administrator    Filed Under: News

The Clermont County Transportation Improvement District plans to reconnect Aicholtz Road, which should relieve some congestion on state Route 32.

By Kelly Cantwell

The Clermont County Transportation Improvement District has several construction projects planned for this year, including reconnecting a road that has been disconnected for more than 40 years.

Aicholtz Road was disconnected in the early 1970s when Interstate 275 was built, said Craig Stephenson, Clermont County chief deputy county engineer.

“It’s an important local network connection,” Stephenson said.

The project will reconnect Aicholtz so that it runs from Mt. Carmel Tobasco Road to past Eastgate Boulevard, which should relieve congestion on state Route 32. The project will also add a sidewalk on the south side that will reach Ivy Pointe, Stephenson said.

The TID opened bids on March 31 and the bids came in at $6.5 million, half a million under the estimated $7 million cost. The project will hopefully begin in a month or so, said Pat Manger, Clermont County engineer.

The project should be largely complete by the end of this year, Stephenson said.

The Old 74 Widening project should also relieve congestion. It will improve a .7 mile stretch of Old state Route 74 between Olive Branch-Stonelick Road and Armstrong Boulevard.

The project will include improvements to the Olive Branch-Stonelick and Old 74 intersection and the Amelia Olive Branch Road and Old 74 intersection, in addition to improvements to the surface drainage along the road, Manger said.

The project will also add a center turning lane to the road, which should improve the flow of traffic. There are a lot of houses along the road, so when a driver is turning into a driveway, traffic usually gets backed up, Manger said.

The last improvement will be the addition of a sidewalk on the south side of the road, said Stephenson.

The TID is working on getting the project out to bid. It should be out to bid within the next couple of weeks, Manger said.

The project will likely start in June and end in the fall of 2017. The TID estimates the cost will be about $3.75 million, according to the website.

The Wolfpen Pleasant-Hill Safety Improvement project is an effort to do just as the name suggests; the TID would like to improve the safety of the road.

The utility company using poles along that road are currently relocating the poles to accommodate the improvements, which should be done at the end of May. Construction will likely begin in June or July, Stephenson said.

The improvements involve realigning the road so it will be safer to navigate and putting up new retaining walls. The drainage at the top of the hill is poor, so the road gets slippery and icy easily, causing drivers to lose control. The drainage will also be changed, Stephenson said.

The project will likely cost about $2.8 million and the road will be closed once construction begins until the end of the year. The TID plans to open the road over the winter and then put the final asphalt on in the spring of next year, Stephenson said.

While the road is closed, local access will be maintained to Raintree and Kimberly Drive.

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3 Responses to “TID moves forward on 2016 construction”

  1. Doug Naylor says:

    How do you think this will resolve the 32 congestion? If you drive 32 daily, you would realize the biggest congestion problem lies at the light/intersection at 32 and Holman/ Wyler. Doing an on/off ramp bridge like the one at 63 and 75, would be an excellent start to relieving an over saturated 32. I also feel that Batavia (old 74) does not need a traffic light intersection when there is an exit/on ramp within less than a mile. Traffic at Eastgate moves well already, its the traffic beyond Eastgate that creates the problem. Stop adding to the problem and start resolving it.

  2. Matt says:

    The work done to the 32 to 275 intersection already is enough and has traffic moving fine even in the busiest of times. Close off the access to 32 when connecting Aicholtz and you’ll only make problems by trying to make improvements. Businesses that will be in dead ends and whatnot. But, I guess Jungle Jim’s gets its direct access.

    I live on Aicholtz. So far all I’ve got is a coming need to spend a ton on a U shaped driveway, bent wheels from a road that’s been turned into an access road and the constant pleasure of knowing our quiet road and awesome new home on the dead end with convenient interstate access will be turned into a major connector that basically forces drivers to go to Eastgate rather than easily go to 32.

    Yes, I’m bitter.

  3. Matt says:

    Spoke too soon…

    Not only bent wheels, but broken ball joints and a tie rod end… If Clermont County people read this at all, could you by any chance come through and fix the holes and destroyed road at least a little bit? The end of Rust by 74 is a disaster and blew my passenger side ball joints, and has done a number on the wife’s new car…

    It would be really cool if the state or county actually worked to help the people on the road, i.e. helping fix home to road access, ensuring old homes’ driveways on the road are up to snuff when a busy connector comes through when the project wasn’t made public enough in 2012/2013 for potential homebuyers to NOT end up investing 100k into a house that will be on a busy road instead of a dead end like they bought (even though it seems from deeper digging, businesses were made aware early on to avoid poor investments), ensuring the road is still usable without demolishing light duty vehicle parts, not having the tree cutters come through and take what the project people didn’t want to pay for, the little bit of money paid for the inconvenience to come that really only helped pay for heating oil fill-ups twice…

    …and whatever other issues I can be extremely bitter about…

    I never even got a “WELCOME TO CLERMONT COUNTY!!!” greeting… It was just kind of like, here’s what we’re doing…shut up and go color…

    Man, just wait until the big construction starts… I won’t be able to stop complaining then! Sheesh… This isn’t good for anxiety…

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