Eastgate interchanges to open soon

July 16th, 2015    Author: Administrator    Filed Under: News

The newly constructed flyover and tunnel ramps in Eastgate are expected to open in late August or early September.

By Megan Alley
Sun staff

The newly constructed flyover and tunnel ramps in Eastgate are expected to open in late August or early September, if the weather permits.

The ramps are part of road construction work on the Interstate 275/state Route 32 interchanges.

“There’s nothing wrong with the tunnel,” said Jason Haus, Clermont County resident engineer for the Ohio Department of Transportation in the monthly Clermont County Transportation Improvement District meeting on July 10.

“There’s a lot of misinformation out there about the tunnel. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the tunnel. It’s just that there are some things that need to be finished up with the road leading into it,” he added. “The tunnel itself is done, and the lights work. There’s no glare. It’s just that we decided to keep it closed because there is some work that still needs to be done on the ramps.”

All road construction work on I-275/state Route 32 interchanges is scheduled to wrap up by Labor Day.

“A lot still depends on weather,” said Brian Cunningham, communications manager for the Ohio Department of Transportation.

Cunningham said there are a few projects that still need to be completed in the area.

On the northbound side of I-275, the bridge over the closed section needs to be painted, a guardrail will be installed along the median and permanent pavement markings will be added.

Northbound traffic will be switched to its final, and permanent, configuration with a right lane and shoulder closure in-place to finish painting the steel on the ramp bridge over I-275.

In addition, westbound state Route 32 needs to be resurfaced and a third lane will be added heading west.

The eastbound and northbound circle ramp will be reopened, and the temporary left turn ramp will be removed. 

“I think we’re going to see a big improvement with the I-275/state Route 32 interchanges opening,” Cunningham said.

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10 Responses to “Eastgate interchanges to open soon”

  1. Thadd Scott says:

    The rage I feel having to drive on 32 every day makes my doctor happy because he continues to treat me for high blood pressure. The addition of the traffic lights has made what used to be a simple trip into Eastgate, now a daunting task. The inability to take an exit off of 275 and head east on 32 was a dumb idea; it adds additional minutes to head towards Batavia. The tunnel has been sitting there for months, unopened. If I am to believe that there is nothing wrong with it, then the problem is bureaucratic ineptness. Using 32 is a nightmare, and I offer a whole-hearted sarcastic THANK YOU to those who approved this waste of time and money. This benefits no one, but the companies paid to tear it up and put it back together with scotch tape.

  2. ken Howell says:

    Are they going to get rid of the light at Glen Este Withamsville ?

  3. Shiz says:

    I love how they just keep changing the dates on this but yet nothing is getting done in Eastgate.

    The truth is they have made such a mess of Eastgate they don’t know where to begin and where to end on it. So instead of getting it done they just let it sit. I live right in the middle of this and I never seee ANYONE working on any of this ever.

    They have so much tore up in Eastgate it’s going to take them about another two years to get it done.

    And whoever they hired to do all this needs to go back to engineering school and learn how to do this because the construction crew sucks and are rude to people and the new layout for everything is ridiculous and ten times more confusing then it was before.

    This construction is one reason why I am moving out of Eastgate and the reason why many others have already left.

  4. Shiz says:

    Also the best thing to do in Eastgate is just run the red lights if you don’t want to wait over a half hour at each light.

    This town is just one big joke and the are wasting this money on nothing because everyone is moving and everything is going out of business around here.

    Plus all the thugs they have moving into this area that came from the city are just going to destroy everything anyway.

  5. Shiz says:

    I say with rain, shine, sleet or snow they need to be out there 24/7 fixing this city until it is finished.

    Enough of paying out the butt for this construction and nothing ever getting done.

    They are good at tearing stuff up but horrible at putting it back together.

  6. Gordon says:

    Most of the time you could run right up to the light at Gleneste-withamsville anyway. Most of the problem is from that light to the light at Speedway. All that money spent and construction using going to fix anything, unless they figure that part out. Dor the meantime I guess everyone will continue to clog up Route 50?!

  7. Beth says:

    So glad it’s finally finished! It will take some time to learn the new in’s & out’s of how to navigate Eastgate again. I’m still constantly trying to remember how to get back on SR32 from the mall!
    At this time I’m not noticing how traffic flow is any better, just different. Maybe this “more practical” flow will be better in the long run? I want to see the right turn only, side road (off Eastgate Blvd) near McDonalds open again! Now they just need to finish up the huge cluster of construction in front of Jungle Jim’s to SR32 and maybe I’ll consider venturing into Eastgate area for Christmas shopping this year.

  8. David says:

    After giving the new changes some time, this is ridiculous. What was the point when 2 lights were added on 32? Congestion may have eased off of 275 merging onto 32 which is great, but now trying to get through from Bach Buxton to Beechwood on the other side 0f 275 is unreal – in each direction.

    I avoid the area whenever possible anymore. I’d rather suffer Beechmont which has reasonably timed lights outside of the 275 loop.

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