Four Democrats running in 2nd District

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By Art Hunter

Clermont County voters will find four Democrats on the May 6 ballot in the 2nd District congressional primary election.

The candidates vying for the opportunity to run against incumbent Republican candidate Brad Wenstrup in general election in November are Marek Tyszkiewicz, John Sheil, Ronny Richards, and William Smith.

Tyszkiewicz is an actuary and businessman. The son of Polish immigrants who survived Siberian prison camps in World War II, he was born and raised in the Midwest on a small farm.


Tyszkiewicz said that he decided to run for office when it looked like the government was going to default on its debt.


“If you’re really concerned about jobs, why would you do that to our economy?” Tyszkiewicz said.

He said that nothing can get done for the country until the country elects politicians who can work together.

Sheil grew up in Anderson Township. He has worked as a licensed stockbroker, a customer service manager. He has served as executive director of a non-profit, and he has started his own law firm.


Sheil says that the most important thing for our leaders to focus on is creating jobs.

“We need to focus on helping people,” Sheil said. “We need to use government not to divide people, but to empower people. The country does not run on talking points.”

Ronny Richards has lived in the 2nd Congressional District for more than 40 years, an currently resides in Scioto County. He spent 26 years with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Forestry.

Richards served for nine years as Chapter Secretary of The Ohio Civil Service Employees Association Chapter 7310. He says that he believes in economic justice and an economy that works for everyone.

Richards says that the major issue facing not just the district, but the nation as well, is job creation. And he says that government has a role to play in fostering economic growth.

“You cannot find a model in history where you cut your way to prosperity,” Richards said.

The fourth candidate, William Smith, ran unsuccessfully against Wenstrup in 2012. He was unavailable for comment.

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2 Responses to “Four Democrats running in 2nd District”

  1. Portia A Boulger says:

    Ronny Richards will keep OH2 Voice alive in D.C. He was a Vietnam Army Medic, Volunteer Firefighter for 10 years, served as church lay leader. After Vietnam, he started a family logging business in Washington state. After he came back to his native Ohio, he dug out the overgrown family farm. He continues to run the truck farm in Scioto Co. near the Scioto State Forrest where he lives with his wife, Cyndi. His children and grandchildren live near by. He taps the Maple trees and makes Maple syrup and sells his produce at local farmers market in Scioto County.
    He is endorsed by Ohio OCSEA/AFSCME, Portsmouth Laborers’ Local 83, Scioto County Democratic Executive Committee and Progressive Democrats of America Equal Rights Amendment 3 State Strategy Team. Ronny Richards will fight hard to protect protect women’s rights and will defend Social Security, Medicare and Public Schools from privatization. Ronny is a VOICE FOR US!

  2. Thadd Scott says:

    John Sheil is the best man to represent us here in Ohio’s Second a district. His ideas, plans and and clear vision for us will make a big difference in Washington compared to Brad Wenstrup who voted against the Violence Against women’s Act.

    John is a family and entertainment attorney, which means he works for those whose chosen vocation is to color the world with music and art. This gives John a n advantage because he understands the law and will be the best at creating laws to benefit us.

    John is a family man who is an important piece of the latticework which makes up our community; John raises his three kids in the same great city he grew up in, graduated from and runs his law practice out of. John Sheil is the best choice for us.

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