Eastgate ramp changes in effect

February 27th, 2014    Author: Administrator    Filed Under: News

Construction in Eastgate continued with Interstate 275 and state Route 32 ramp reconfigurations put in place Feb. 18. The new interchange includes traffic signals on SR 32 after exiting Interstate 275.

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

Interstate 275 and state Route 32 interchange construction continues and ramp changes were put in place last week.

The Ohio Department of Transportation, along with the Clermont Transportation Improvement District notified residents about the changes leading up to the day they were put into place.

According to ODOT, the ramp changes included reconfiguration of the northbound and southbound ramps.

The Interstate 275 northbound to westbound ramp closed permanently.

Northbound traffic now exits at the existing eastbound ramp to a new traffic signal at SR 32. At the signal drivers have the option to travel east, a right turn, or travel west, a left turn.

The southbound to eastbound circle ramp also closed permanently.

Southbound traffic now exits to the existing westbound ramp to a new traffic signal at SR 32. At the signal drivers have the option to travel east, left turn, or west, right turn on SR 32, according to ODOT.

Clermont County Engineer Patrick Manger said they have been working through some traffic backups because of the changes.

“Volume coming from the south backed traffic up onto 275,” Manger said. “They made some changes to that situation.”

Manger said the traffic congestion will improve as soon as more of the options get opened up within the interchange.

“We are really in the worst spot because all of the traffic exiting has to go through the light,” Manger said. “In the future there is going to be a split exit, exit B, that will go over 32, through the tunnel and bypass Eastgate Boulevard.”

Manger said the magnitude of the changes in the area has been the most difficult challenge.

“We are talking about taking access points and changing them,” Manger said.

He said his suggestion for drivers during all of the construction is to pay close attention to what is going on.

“You have to pay a lot more attention to the signs,” Manger said. “We are doing our best to sign it and give people advanced notice. That is really the best thing I could advise. Be patient and be more alert.”

More information about ongoing construction in the area is available at www.goclermont.org.

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