West Clermont UNITED rallies before meeting

January 16th, 2014    Author: Administrator    Filed Under: News

Members of West Clermont UNITED, a group made up of parents and community members supporting West Clermont Local School District students, held a rally before the Jan. 13 board meeting.

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

West Clermont UNITED, a group of concerned parents and residents, rallied together Jan. 13 prior to the West Clermont Board of Education meeting to demonstrate their commitment to children in the district.

The group gathered for the rally at the Union Township Amphitheater where they talked about issues, enjoyed refreshments and marched into the board meeting.

Parents who came out to the rally said they are a part of the group to support the children at the district.

“We are concerned about what direction the new board is going,” Teresa Stone, the parent of a fourth-grader at the district, said.

Mike Steele, who has three children in the district, said a group of parents decided to fund the group because they felt it was important to be involved.

“Our whole purpose is to show the board we are here and we care,” Steele said.

Steele said they have continued to grow in numbers since they began the group after the most recent levy attempt failed.

According to Steele, the mission of West Clermont UNITED is to educate parents and the community about the challenges students, staff and administrators face.

He said the district is in a difficult financial situation and community support is important.

“I have a first-grader who has never had a music class or a gym class,” Steele said. “We always want better for our kids.”

Steele said they intend to be at all of the school board meetings and show board members that they care.

For more information about the group visit www.facebook.com/WestClermontUnited.

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  1. Bill Hanneken says:

    Where was the group before the November election? The Tea Party got out the vote and placed their people on the BOE. The pro-school folks divided their vote among the 6 other candidates. Also, an incredible number of WC parents aren’t even registered to vote. They are the people who stand to gain the most from a levy passing and they sat on their hands and let things happen to their detriment. How does WC United intend to overcome such ignorance and apathy?

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