American Discovery Trail hiker passes through Clermont County

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Josh Seehorn passed through Batavia during his hike on the American Discovery Trail. From left are John McManus, district administrator for the Clermont Soil and Water Conservation District, Seehorn, and Judy Krebs, education coordinator with the conservation district.

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

In 2011, Josh Seehorn hiked the Appalachian Trail.

But that wasn’t enough for the outdoorsman. On March 29, 2013, Seehorn began a hike in Point Reyes, California that will take him across the United States on the American Discovery Trail.

Seehorn’s mission is not only to hike the more than 4,800 mile trail, which is actually made up of a network of recreational trails, but also to raise awareness for the Envirothon, a high school natural resources education competition.

“Being able to see the country and meet people got into my blood,” Seehorn said about hiking. “I wanted to learn more, share my faith and also share about natural resources and Envirothon.”

Seehorn said he competed in Envirothon in high school, and his father helped begin the program in Georgia.

“I have been involved, and I though what better organization could I partner with than one focused on education, natural resources and one that needs exposure and support,” Seehorn said.

Last week, Seehorn passed through Clermont County hiking parts of the Buckeye Trail.

Along the way he has made several stops to talk with local soil and water conservation districts, locals schools and other organizations.

Judy Krebs, education coordinator for Clermont Soil and Water Conservation District, hosted Seehorn when he came through Clermont County.

“I think what he is doing is amazing,” Krebs said. “There have only been six people complete the American Discovery Trail.”

Krebs said Seehorn told her stories of his travels, and she supports his message.

“I used to be the National Envirothon treasurer many years ago,” Krebs said. “So our love for the Envirothon is something we have in common.”

Seehorn said so far, he has hiked more than 4,000 miles of the trail, which has been much different than other trails he has hiked previously.

“This trip is different,” Seehorn said. “It takes me through more towns and cities. This is nice because you get the outdoor side, but also get to meet people, stay on their couches and in their guest rooms.”

Seehorn said it has been interesting to be able to interact with more people that way on the trip.

“Basically I am planning as I go,” Seehorn said about the hike. “Generally I don’t know where I am sleeping every night.”

Seehorn began his journey March 29 in California and will end in Cape Henlopen, Delaware.

He said Lake Tahoe and the canons of Utah have been the most scenic parts of his trip so far.

Seehorn said he has no major sponsors funding his trip, he said friends, family members and people who support what he is doing have helped him along his hike.

“For those who have contributed, I am absolutely grateful,” Seehorn said. “It has made my trip much more pleasant to have support.”

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