Woman pleads guilty to drug manufacturing

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Patricia Blizzard was sentenced to parole and treatment after she pled guilty to illegal assembly or possession of chemicals for the manufacturing of drugs Dec. 30. From left are Judge Jerry McBride, attorney Lawrence Fisse and Blizzard.

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

Patricia Blizzard, 29, of Brown County, pleaded guilty to the illegal assembly or possession of chemicals for the manufacturing of drugs, a third degree felony Dec. 30.

Blizzard was sentenced to parole and drug treatment by Judge Jerry McBride.

“I would just like to say I am sorry I am here and I am willing to do whatever you want me to do,” Blizzard said during her sentencing.

According to Blizzard’s attorney, Lawrence Fisse, Blizzard purchased products used to manufacture methamphetamine but indicated that she didn’t know that it was illegal to buy the products.

“She admits that she does need help with drug use,” Fisse said.

Fisse said Blizzard is willing to participate in an outpatient drug program and Adams County has a program that would be close to where she lives.

He said she has no criminal record and no juvenile record.

Prosecuting attorney Catherine Adams did not have any further comments or requests for the case.

Adams said that since Blizzard was arrested and put in jail in December, she already looks better now that she has not been using drugs.

“She was locked up the 11th and she looks 10 years younger today,” Adams said. “I hope she succeeds in getting a hold of this issue.”

Judge McBride explained that the products used to make methamphetamine may not be illegal to purchase for other uses, but what makes the purchases illegal is buying the products and using them to manufacture methamphetamine.

Judge McBride said Blizzard indicated that she has been using methamphetamine approximately two times per week for about four years.

Judge McBride said in addition, she indicated that she had been using marijuana on a daily basis and alcohol sporadically.

“The meth and marijuana use is going to have to stop,” Judge McBride said.

Judge McBride sentenced Blizzard to three years of parole. Also included in the sentence was participation in an outpatient drug treatment program as well as a recovery program after the first program is complete.

McBride explained other requirements of the sentence including mental health evaluation, random drug screenings, community service and additional treatment required by the probation officer.

He waived the mandatory fine of $5,000 because Blizzard is indigent. Blizzard was charged Oct. 22. She entered a guilty plea for the charge on Dec. 11.

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