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Union Township Trustees Robert McGee and Tim Donnellon were recognized for their service to the township during their last meeting Dec. 26. From left are Fiscal Officer Ronald Campbell, Trustees Robert McGee, Matthew Beamer and Tim Donnellon.

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

Union Township Trustees Timothy Donnellon and Robert McGee were honored for their years of service to the township Dec. 26 during the last meeting of the year.

Donnellon and McGee were both defeated by trustees-elect Lloyd Acres and John McGraw during the Nov. 5 election.

Trustee Matthew Beamer read a proclamation to Donnellon and McGee recognizing them for their hard work.

“Mr. Donnellon, it has been an honor to work with you, you have done a great job for the township,” Beamer said.

Beamer said Donnellon served a total of 13 year in Union Township supporting the citizens, working hard to advocate economic development, supporting full accreditation of the township service departments and more.

“I believe he has excelled in the position,” Beamer said.

He proclaimed that January 1, 2014 will be Tim Donnellon Day in Union Township and presented Donnellon with a plaque for his service.

Beamer also recognized Trustee Robert McGee.

“It has been a pleasure to serve with you all of these years,” Beamer said. “I appreciate all of your hard work and dedication to the township.”

Beamer said McGee has served a total of 12 years as trustee.

Beamer said McGee worked to enrich the lives of citizens and always represented Union Township in a positive way.

He proclaimed January 2, 2014 as Robert McGee Day in Union Township and presented McGee with a plaque to thank him for his service.

Donnellon and McGee took time during the meeting to talk about their years on the board.

“Working together the past 12 years, we have accomplished many things,” McGee said.

He said one of the most memorable was building the civic center in the township, which is now used for a variety of activities including group meetings, athletic activities, concerts, office space and more.

“I am proud to have been a part of that,” McGee said.

He said he is also glad to have been a part of the Ivy Pointe project as well as the Jungle Jim’s project, which both brought jobs to the township.

“Eastgate has been revitalized,” McGee said.

He said the use of Tax Increment Financing and Joint Economic Development Districts have helped them accomplish growth even during the recession.

“Without the use of these tools we would be in financial distress,” McGee said.

He said they have also worked to construct sidewalks in the township and build new parks without asking for a park levy.

“Under the watch of this board we are the only township in the United States to have all services accredited,” McGee said about the police, fire and communications services.

He thanked his fellow trustees and the department heads at the township for their dedication.

“It has been a pleasure to serve with you these 12 years,” McGee said.

McGee said his hope now is that the township will continue to grow and improve for the residents who live here.

“Our only hope and prayer is this forward movement will continue for the township and its residents,” McGee said.

Trustee Tim Donnellon echoed some of McGee’s statements.

Donnellon said he has lived in Union Township for his entire life and feels it is the best community in this part of the state.

“When we came together in 2009, we had a job and a purpose,” Donnellon said about serving as trustee during the recession. “I asked these men to appoint me and I said we would get ahead of these issues.”

Donnellon said since then, they have doubled the number of meetings in the township, have continued to update the website with meeting minutes, have changed the way purchase orders are read during meetings, and have addressed budget issues.

He said they developed a plan for economic development and convinced Administrator Ken Geis to come onboard.

“None of these developments would have happened without him,” Donnellon said.

Donnellon said the list of businesses and other development to come to the township goes on and on.

He said with the investments came revenue that raised the general fund from $2 million to $10 million.

“Not only did we not waste revenue, but we replaced it and added to the general fund,” Donnellon said.

Donnellon said they can be proud of their accomplishments as board members.

“I think we can leave this position with our heads high because we left it better than we found it,” Donnellon said. “I am grateful to the people of Union Township for the opportunity.”

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