Six-month investigation breaks up marijuana ring

December 27th, 2013    Author: Administrator    Filed Under: News

The Clermont County Narcotics Unit and the Cincinnati Police Department Major Drug Offenders Unit have concluded a six-month long investigation into a marijuana distribution network. On Monday, Dec. 23, eight searches, five in Clermont County and three in the city of Cincinnati, were executed.

In addition to members from the Clermont County Narcotics Unit and the Cincinnati Police Department, deputies from the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office and officers from the Union Township and Miami Township Police Departments participated. The search warrant locations were:

• 2828 Ohio Pike, Clermont County

• 1728 Ohio Pike, Clermont County

• 3947 Fulton Grove, Clermont County

• 571 Marilyn Drive, Clermont County

• 488 Elm Drive, Clermont County

• 6473 Beechmont Avenue, Cincinnati

• 2121 Beechmont Avenue, Cincinnati

• 2432 Beechmont Avenue, Cincinnati

The following items were recovered during the search warrants:

• 316 pounds of Marijuana

• $25,000 U.S. Currency

• 55 Firearms

• Several thousand rounds of ammunition

• 10 Automobiles

• 1 Fishing Boat

• Computers

• Documents

Arrested and charged with drug possession and drug trafficking were Thomas Awad, Sr., 58, Thomas Awad, Jr., 23, Michael Awad, 65, Richard Awad, 62, and Ronald Day, 68.

Two additional individuals were also taken into custody, Angela Hale, 40, charged with tampering with evidence, and Jonathan Jacobs, 33, arrested on an open warrant.

Additional arrests and charges may be forthcoming as the investigation continues, and when the case is presented to the grand jury.

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4 Responses to “Six-month investigation breaks up marijuana ring”

  1. HmmmSaysDavidHume says:

    Let’s see, 6 month’s worth of police time, per Diem meals, surveillance equipment use, police cars, jail costs, lawyers, court costs, and then prison time, and no violent offense charges.

    And how many violent crimes and thefts remain un solved in the combined counties?

    The question here is how any of this benefits citizens. It’s time to stop this complete failure of law enforcement ad government to dictate what people can and can’t put in their bodies.

    And for the logically challenged, who would assert that these are drugs not in kids hands, ask whether yet another group has stepped in to fill the void and meet the endless demand. Will they card kids unlike those arrested?

    Stop the madness! Law enforcement wants nothing more than to guarantee their paychecks, and every day Prohibition continues we are being suckered by these legal con artists into believing they are doing good work, while murders, rapes, child molestations and all manner of pure evil go unsolved. It’s time to legalize, tax and regulate a product objectively less harmful than alcohol, tobacco, sugar, polyunsaturated fat, prescription opioids, and ignorance.

  2. Brian Kelly says:

    Very well said David. I agree completey Thank you for sharing.

  3. lacy says:

    I’ve never seen so much truth in so few words

  4. Kathy says:

    Are you freaking kidding me? Of course this needs to be stopped!!! Yes there are still other crimes being committed but how many of these people are on drugs while committing them? How many people are drunk or under the influence while driving and causing accidents?? Pull your heads out people and let the police do their job!! I say great job done by Clermont Co Police!!

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