Much of Eastgate roadwork complete

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Although construction continues in the Eastgate area, crews have completed much of the work on Eastgate Boulevard and all lanes of the road will be open for the holiday shopping season.

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

As construction projects continue in the Eastgate area, crews have worked hard to complete many of the Eastgate Boulevard improvements before the holiday shopping season.

Clermont County Engineer Pat Manger said the Eastgate Boulevard improvements are part of the second phase of construction in the Eastgate area.

Manger said the improvements included widening the bridge on the road and re-constructing a ramp to state Route 32.

He said they are not completely done with the second phase, but they have completed essential projects and have been able to open up the road.

“All of the lanes on Eastgate Boulevard are open,” Manger said.

He said the loop ramp that takes motorists from Eastgate Boulevard to SR 32 toward Interstate 275 is also complete.

“You can get in and out of Eastgate a lot better than you did all summer,” Manger said. “For the holiday season you can get around a lot easier.”

Manger said their goal was to have the lanes open and the ramp complete before the holidays.

“When we started in on construction in June we knew this was a commercial area,” Manger said. “We needed to make sure we are sensitive to the needs of the economic community there.”

Manger said they will continue to work to complete the second phase of construction.

“Next year you will see the new entrance and exit ramp at Eastgate Boulevard be complete,” Manger said.

He said they will then begin the third phase of construction, which will include improvements to the SR 32 and Interstate 275 intersection.

Manger said they began construction in the area a year ago.

Manger said the first phase, which was completed in July, moved Eastgate North Frontage road and created a new intersection near EastGate Mall.

“It opened up that intersection,” Manger said.

Manger said he is pleased with how construction is going in the area.

“I am very pleased,” Manger said. “I am happy with our partners. Ohio Department of Transportation has been great to work with, the contractors have lived up to what they laid out. It really did take a big collaborative effort.”

Manger said that even though the projects will take multiple years to complete, they will total $80 million of improvements for the area.

“I think motorists will be pleased with the results,” Manger said.

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