TCS holds annual technology summer camp

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Students and volunteers from schools in Clermont County and Greater Cincinnati participated in the goIT summer camp at Tata Consultancy Services June 12-14. The camp featured a final competition on Friday, where teams battled their programmed robots.

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

Tata Consultancy Services, a global technology company, hosted its fifth annual “goIT” summer camp June 12-14 at its Seven Hills Park location in Milford.

The camp featured three days of hands-on technology and engineering activities and programs for students in several Clermont County school districts and schools throughout Greater Cincinnati.

“We are pleased with this program,” Amar Naga, director of North America Delivery Centers for Tata Consultancy Services, said about the goIT camp.

Naga said there was more engineering involved in the challenges for students this year and more activities that relate to what is done in the field.

“It requires you to think in very comprehensive ways,” Lauren Moeller, a junior at Milford High School, said about the camp.

Moeller said working with her fellow campers to program and build robots in a team environment made her learn more about how to work well with a team.

Alton Panton, also a junior at Milford, said he liked being able to use the Lego Mindstorm program.

“That was interesting to learn about,” he said.

Jared Gibson, a freshman at Milford High School, said he liked being able to program and use the robots.

“And I liked how they had different types of challenges,” Gibson said.

The students were able to compete using their programmed robots multiple times during camp, with a final challenge being held on Friday.

Many students who have an interest in technology and programming also get to see what a career at a company like Tata Consultancy Services is like.

“I am going into aerospace engineering,” Nathaniel Petri, a Grant Career Center student said. “I came last year and had a great time, I guess you could say it did influence me more to go into engineering.”

Petri said learning new software and engineering techniques really got him interested in pursing engineering as a career.

Naga said they continue to work to improve the program each year and collaborate more with other schools and companies that students will encounter after high school.

“We made some changes to the program this year,” Naga said. “It’s much more intense. There is much more collaboration with other state programs.”

Naga said they also reached out to parents more before and after camp this year and let them know the opportunities students have to continue their learning in the area.

Naga said they are also expanding the camp and other programs for students to their other locations in the United States.

“This year we added seven cities across the nation,” he said.

Naga said they are looking to incorporate other educational projects with schools and universities throughout the year.

“It’s coming together and I think we are really happy,” Naga said about their efforts to reach out to schools in the community.

Naga said there continue to be more opportunities for students with internships and college courses that are geared toward the industry.

He said he enjoys returning each year to the Milford camp to watch a new group of students participate.

“It’s amazing,” Naga said. “One thing to renew my energy every year is watching this program. This program was born in Milford and it continues to grow here.”

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