Local students visit Challenger Learning Center for a simulated space mission

May 27th, 2013    Author: Administrator    Filed Under: Community

Clermont County STEM Program students at the Challenger Learning Center of Indianapolis.

Students enrolled in the Clermont County Gifted STEM Program had the opportunity to experience a day in the life of an astronomer recently, through first-hand experience with a simulated space mission at the Challenger Learning Center of Indianapolis.

The students were faced with the simulated task of returning to the moon in the year 2020 to set up an outpost for lunar study.

Through the simulation, the students experienced navigating to an appropriate landing site on the moon, dealing with life-threatening oxygen-supply problems in the space craft, capturing and repairing a damaged space probe, and utilizing robotics equipment to perform experiments.

Serving on teams, the students monitored vital signs, analyzed test results, and solved problems, all to ensure a successful mission. Students had the opportunity to perform tasks in mission control, as well as the space capsule, all the while using technology, communication, and problem-solving skills to accomplish their goals.

The Challenger Learning Center is part of a national network of centers established by the Challenger Center for Space Science in memory of the crew of the Challenger Space Shuttle. While in Indianapolis, the students also visited the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, with its unforgettable exhibits that promote curiosity, imagination, and discovery.

The Clermont County Gifted STEM Center is located at Hill Intermediate School in Bethel, and serves gifted students from Bethel-Tate and Williamsburg Local Schools.

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