Citation against Williamsburg police chief investigated

January 4th, 2013    Author: Administrator    Filed Under: News

By Kristin Bednarski
Sun staff

Williamsburg Mayor Mary Ann Lefker is investigating a police citation against Williamsburg Police Chief Michael Gregory after an incident that occurred in downtown Cincinnati this past weekend.

Lefker said they said they received information that Gregory was cited for disorderly conduct in Cincinnati Dec. 30, the day of both a Cincinnati Bengals football game and Zac Brown Band concert downtown.

“I am going to be requesting a copy of the police report today,” Lefker said.

Lefker said Gregory received a citation for the incident. He was not arrested or charged.

“I find it very disappointing that we find it necessary to review allegations against our police chief,” Lefker said. “However, any incident that is a negative reflection on our village is taken very seriously, and any actions that may be taken will be based on a complete and final review of the alleged incident.”

Lefker said Gregory has been a well-respected leader at the police department since he was selected to be chief in 2004.

She said Gregory has been working at the police department since 1997 and was promoted to be sergeant in 2001.

“This event is totally out of character for the Chief Gregory I know,” Lefker said. “So we are certainly disappointed.”

Lefker said Gregory is extremely remorseful of the situation, and they are all hoping to get things cleared up as soon as possible.

She said they will know more about their plan of action once they review all of the information.

“We’ll put it all together and make our final determination once I have all of the information,” Lefker said.

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One Response to “Citation against Williamsburg police chief investigated”

  1. Jeff McNish says:

    I would like to know why Mayor Lefker of Williamsburg has not suspended or terminated Police Chief Michael Gregory. Mayor Lefker has avoided and failed to answer questions from the community concerning this entire issue.

    We live in a community rapidly being overtaken by heroin addiction and related crime, yet the Mayor, village council and the police department has turned a blind eye. If they will not act on obvious embarrassment and criminal activity by our police chief how can we expect them to deal with far more complicated issues.

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