Provisional ballots could change election results

November 15th, 2012    Author: Administrator    Filed Under: News

By Kristin Bednarski
Sun staff

Election results for two school levies in Clermont County were relatively close Nov. 6.

Batavia Local School District unofficially passed a bond issue and operational levy by just 44 votes and Milford Exempted Village School District failed to pass its operational levy by 299 votes.

As the votes stand now, Clermont County Board of Elections Director Judy Miller said neither district would qualify for an automatic re-count, however Miller said both districts had a number of provisional that still must be counted.

“When we add the provisionals that might change,” Miller said.

She said there were 221 provisional ballots in Batavia Local School District and 639 provisional ballots in Milford Exempted Village School District.

Miller said results could still change depending on the results after provisional ballots are counted.

She said if the votes are close enough, a recount could take place.

“If it’s an automatic recount, it can’t commence earlier than six days after the certification,” Miller said. “If someone has a paid recount, the same thing.”

Miller said that would put the start time for the recount Dec. 3-7.

Miller said in the past, they have found that provisional ballots tend to be more in favor of levies.

“The majority of provisional votes are people moving and are new to the precinct,” Miller said. “When we added the last Milford levy the provisionals tended to be “yes” votes.”

She said the will not know one way or the other, however, until provisional ballots are added.

“Tuesday, Nov. 20, they will start the review and tell us which to add,” Miller said about reviewing and counting provisional ballots. “November 27 the official count will be released at the certification.”

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2 Responses to “Provisional ballots could change election results”

  1. Mike says:

    The Mayor of the Village of Batavia cut a deal with the School Board members. It seems a deal was made to allow the school to pass the levy, in exchange for the property annexations. They both get millions in exchange for crooked politics. It’s greed and guilt working together.

    The levy did not pass legitimately.

    The Mayor and Village of Batavia have been financially in debt for years and so has the school district. Until this year, the village and school were opposed and fighting about this levy. So why not now?

    They cut a deal.

    The annexation stories in the papers of all the properties surrounding Batavia whether the UC Clermont College, or properties out 222, were on the right track. But the reporters need to keep at it. Keep asking, digging, probing for the truth. Or did these so called elected officials get to the reporters too.

    The Mayor made a concession to NOT fight the levy and keep quiet. In exchange the school and higher ups allowed the annexations to happen due to a loop hole.

    It’s a win win plan, as the village secures the money, and the school gets their levy passed. More votes, more money, more, more, more, more. Greed and guilt go hand in hand.

  2. Rachel says:

    Count them all again.

    Only 44 votes in favor?

    Miraculously more people showed up for this election than in 10 years. Seriously people review the numbers!

    The asentee voters who voted in person were not even required to show their ID to vote. The absentee voters who voted in person did not have to have their signature verified.

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