Batavia girls raise $648 for victims of March 2 tornado

March 29th, 2012    Author: Kristin Bednarski    Filed Under: News

Third and fourth grade Batavia Elementary students sell bracelets during lunch to raise money for tornado victims. From left are Morgan Benter buying a bracelet, Emma Cook, McKenna Warvel, Kailyn Kelly and Rachel Stark.

Making bracelets is not unusual for elementary school girls, but making and selling hundreds of bracelets to raise more than $600 for tornado victims was quite an accomplishment for five third and fourth grade students at Batavia Elementary School.

“My aunt lives in Moscow and her house was destroyed,” Rachel Stark, a fourth grade student at Batavia Elementary said. “We wanted to do something to help.”

Batavia Elementary students made bracelets and raise more than $600 for tornado victims March 20-23. From left are Macie Mehlman, Emma Cook, McKenna Warvel, Kailyn Kelly and Rachel Stark.

Rachel’s mother Susan Stark, an intervention specialist at Batavia Elementary, said Rachel and her friends, Emma Cook, Kailyn Kelly, Macie Mehlman and McKenna Warvel, approached her after the tornado ripped through southern Clermont County March 2 with an idea to help.

“We decided why not make these,” Rachel said about the friendship bracelets they already knew how to make.

Stark said she contacted the American Red Cross about being a sponsor for the girls and then set them loose with the project to raise money for tornado victims in the area.

Rachel, Emma, Kailyn, Macie and McKenna spent several hours each day after school, as well as time on their own at home, making hundreds of bracelets, all different styles and colors, to sell to their fellow classmates and teachers.

“They’ve worked their fingers to the bone making these bracelets,” Stark said.

The girls set up a booth and laid out all the bracelets during lunch each day March 20-23 and sold the bracelets for $1 each.

“At first we were nervous,” McKenna said about selling the bracelets.

McKenna said they didn’t have any idea how many bracelets they would sell, and they really wanted to raise a lot of money for their cause.

Their goal was to sell at least $100 worth of bracelets, and the girls surpassed their goal by the second day.

“I think we’re making a lot of money and we’re happy that all the people who got their homes taken down, we’re going to help them a lot,” Emma said on the third day of selling bracelets.

By the final day, the girls had sold 278 bracelets. And in addition to making $278, they also received $370 in donations, collecting a total of $648 for tornado victims.

“I think it was worth it,” Rachel said about making all the bracelets. “Because all the money we are making goes to a cause, not to us.”

Stark said the money will go to the American Red Cross, and they will distribute it to tornado victims in the Greater Cincinnati area.

“I am very proud of their servant’s heart and that they wanted to do this,” Stark said.

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