Soldier and Marine return home

February 17th, 2012    Author: Kristin Bednarski    Filed Under: News

Lance Cpl. Kyle Shouse, of the United States Marine Corps, was recognized for his service Feb. 13. From left are Dan Bare, executive director of the Clermont County Veterans' Service Commission, Interim Commissioner Thomas Blust, Shouse, Gertrud Whitaker representing Congresswoman Jean Schmidt, Sheriff Tim Rodenberg and Commissioner Bob Proud.

Two servicemen returned to Clermont County after Christmas, and both were honored in February by the Board of County Commissioners for their service to the country.

Pfc. Anthony DeCamp of the United States Army was honored at commissioners’ Feb. 6 session and Lance Cpl. Kyle Shouse of the United States Marine Corps was honored at the Feb. 13 session.

DeCamp, who is a graduate of Glen Este High School, returned from his yearlong deployment to Afghanistan Dec. 28.

DeCamp was part of an infantry division and said his first deployment was eye-opening.

“When you get deployed it gets serious real quick,” DeCamp said. “It just matures you really quickly.”

He said even if a soldier thinks he is ready for the conditions of Afghanistan, they can never be really know what things will be like until they arrive.

DeCamp said one thing that was constant during his deployment was the support he received from home.

“My parents were very supportive, friends were very supportive and Bob Proud was there for me 100 percent,” DeCamp said. “He helped keep me sane and was definitely looking out for me.”

DeCamp said it was wonderful to get back home and said he was happy he did not have to spend New Years Eve overseas. He also said it was an honor to be recognized by commissioners at their session.

“It is wonderful just that people actually care like that,” DeCamp said. “I really appreciate what they do.”

Lance Cpl. Kyle Shouse, a Goshen High School graduate, was also thankful for the support during his six-and-a-half month deployment to Afghanistan.

“The support is phenomenal,” Shouse said. “It is great to see people here are supporting you because there are a lot who aren’t .”

He said everyone overseas appreciated even something as simple as a letter from someone back home.

And while Shouse said being recognized by others is not his forte, he said it is nice to know people are willing to recognize their servicemen.

Shouse, who was a mechanic for Osprey aircraft while he was in Afghanistan, returned from his first deployment Jan. 25.

“It was the best feeling ever,” Shouse said about returning home.

And coming back to his wife, Mackenzie, and 16-month-old son, Chase, was part of what made his return so great. Shouse said Chase grew up a lot while he was away.

“He just started crawling when I left, and when I got back he was walking,” Shouse said.

Shouse will return to Marine Corps Air Station New River military base at the end of the week, and from there will either leave for a second deployment or may work on a ship.

DeCamp said his service with the U.S. Amy is complete unless he decides to re-enlist.

Both men were honored for their service by commissioners and other public officials and organizations during separate sessions and they were both presented with information to help them in the future.

“We have a little office next door called the Clermont County Veterans’ Service Commission,” Danny Bare, executive director of the commission, told Shouse Feb. 13. “You owe it to yourself to stop by.”

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