Zadak and Chase are the Clermont County best in Third Annual Bethel 10K Run/ 5K Walk

August 25th, 2011    Author: Richard Crawford    Filed Under: Sports

The more than 100 competitors in the Third Annual Bethel 10K Run/ 5K Walk begin their trek at Burke Park located in the middle of the village. Both competition also were concluded in Burke Park.

Nancy Zadak of Bethel was the champion of the 5K Walk in the Third Annual Bethel 10K Run and 5K Walk.

Steve Chase of Williamsburg was the runner-up in the 10K Run to pace all of the Clermont County competitors in the race. The winner of the run was Brian Alessandro of Covington, Ky.

The event was primarily centered around Burke Park.

5K Walk Overall Results

Zadak is usually the leader or among the leaders in the Walk competitions.

The leaders among the walkers and their respective times are as follow with the home town of the Clermont countians included. Zadak 36-minutes and 42-seconds, Barbara Smith of Bethel 38:28, Kathleen Gough of Bethel 39:15, Pam Heist of Williamsburg 39:18, Richard Stockton of Bethel (the male champion) 39:35, Alan Ausman of Bethel 39:43, Philip Cooper 40:41, Angel James 40:43, Brenda Morehouse of Bethel 41:58, Bev Ratcliff of Bethel 42:00, Pat Rutherford of Bethel 42:10, Lisa Iding of Bethel 42:24, Nancy Reenan 42:40, Dottie Disbennett of Bethel 42:47, Gregory Walker of Amelia 43:13, Shirlene Wallace of Bethel 44:16, Darlene Parks of Bethel 44:35, Angela Whitaker 44:36, Sheri Luke 45:10, and Bill Krody of Bethel 45:11.

Age Winners Walk

The age group winners were Gregory Walker (male 1-19 years of age), Taylor Gelter of Amelia (female 1-19), Lisa Iding (female 30-39), Angel James (female 40-49), Tim Sns of Bethel (male 50-59), Pam Heist (female 50-59), Bill Krody of Bethel (male 60-99), and Shirlene Wallace of Bethel (female 60-99).

10K Run Overall Results

The best finishers in the run were Brian Alessandro 36:21, Steve Chase 38:14, Philip Helbig 39:44, Dianne Griesser of Milford (the female champion) 43:11, Anna Moore 43:37, Ken Roark 44:14, Dylan Torok of Bethel 46:26, Andrea Lanigan of Bethel 46:27, Stephen Morehouse of Bethel 46:50, Greg Lammeier 46:59, Jared Iding of Bethel 47:27, Tabitha Johnson 47:33, Chip Ratcliff of Bethel 48:09, Scott Higham 48:32, Steve Clark 49:17, Roger Dale Anderson Jr. of Bethel 50:06, John Cahill of Bethel 50:23, Greg Iding of Bethel 50:51, Debbie Biddle 50:53, and Chris Smith 51:03.

Age Winners Run

The age group winners were Evan Iding of Bethel (male 1-14), Jenny Wilson of Amelia (female 1-14), Dylan Torok (male 15-19), Deanna Sipple of Bethel (female 15-19), Emily Essen (female 20-24), Kevin Uhl of Bethel (male 25-29), Nancy Edmondson of Batavia (female 25-29), Jonathan French (male 30-34), Tabitha Johnson (female 30-34), Chris Smith (male 35-39), Kristin Martin of Loveland (female 35-39), Greg Iding of Bethel (male 40-44), Cheryl Mootz (female 40-44), Scott Higham (male 45-49), Amy Schaljo of Bethel (female 45-49), Steve Clark (male 50-54), Debbie Biddle (female 50-54), Stephen Morehouse (55-59), Sheila Evans of New Richmond (female 55-59), Ken Roark (male 60-99).

The beneficiaries of the proceeds are the Bethel-Tate School Scholarship Fund and the Bethel Ministerial Association.

The Community Savings Bank, Bethel, was the sponsor of the Run/Walk.

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