Granger wins Batavia Property Improvement Award

August 5th, 2011    Author: Kristin Bednarski    Filed Under: Community

A portion of the gorgeous landscaping which won Kelly Grainger the Village Association of Batavia’s Property Improvement Award.

To say Kelly Grainger loves to garden would be an understatement. She will spend hours working on her land, sometimes from sun up to sun down, and her dedication has earned her the Property Improvement Award from the Village Association of Batavia.

“I’ve done it for the last six years or so, since my son stopped playing sports,” Grainger said. “I thought ‘I want to make something everyone can look at.’”

With new free time and a mission to accomplish, Grainger began working to install beautiful landscaping on her property. As she worked, neighbors would compliment her elaborate creation, which includes multiple flowers, plants and other features, designed to be aesthetically pleasing.

“I started with just a little spot and went down the hill,” Grainger said.

She didn’t stop there and she still isn’t finished. The landscaping almost boarders her property from front yard to back and contains trees, stonework and decorations, all installed by Grainger.

Sadly, Grainger’s work has been stalled because she was diagnosed with breast cancer in June. She finished her first round of chemotherapy, which left her weak and unable to be out landscaping especially in the heat.

“I don’t usually stop until I finish,” Grainger said. “It’s killing me being in here.”

Her plants aren’t unattended, though. Neighbors have been helping with watering and care while Grainger is away. They were also the ones who nominated Grainger for the Property Improvement Award.

“People kept saying how nice it was,” Grainger said. “They’d see me working.”

Grainger said she was glad to be nominated and was excited when she heard she was selected for the award.

Even though Grainger can’t be outside working on more of the project, looking at the property improvement sign sitting in front of her garden is a reminder of the hard work she put into the project. She said she can’t wait to be done with chemotherapy in October so she can be back outside.

“It’s not going to stop, it will keep going” Grainger said about the landscaping. “I want to do more stuff in the back, like a water feature.”

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