Extreme disrespect displayed by NBC

June 30th, 2011    Author: Dan Bare    Filed Under: Opinion

Dan Bare

This past weekend I was watching the U.S. Open Golf Tournament on NBC. I was especially pleased to see the coverage included a group of children with their hand on their heart saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

I truly never get tired of hearing the Pledge of Allegiance and it always brings a warm, proud and grateful sense of being an American.

Unfortunately my feelings were abruptly dampened with what I heard, or more specifically what I did not hear. These days nothing would really surprise me with the national media yet, this time was especially offensive at the highest level.

NBC took the inappropriate liberty of editing out the words “Under God” and “Indivisible” from the Pledge of Allegiance.

As I write this article I’m still angry and disgusted with NBC for the extreme disrespect they exhibited especially during a time when our country is in two wars not including the yet to be determined conflict with Libya. As I wrote this article I briefly considered using more politically correct words such as “disappointed” or “surprised” when describing my feelings about the intentional decision on NBC’s part but that would play into an already much too politically correct America.

Yes, I am angry with NBC for their decision to disrespect the flag and all that it stands for. I can only imagine the decision was reached by some elites that are disingenuous to the core.

I believe I’m one of many Americans that will not be manipulated by any person or organization that are naive by their lack of appreciation of the very country that allows them to behave in such a despicable and ignorant manner.

Finally, in my opinion, there is a God and he deserves all the glory. God is part of the Pledge of Allegiance and should not and cannot be removed.

NBC’s behavior was intentional and we must not be hoodwinked into believing it was some kind of oversight. Without question people at NBC knew exactly what they were doing and as with most of the national media they think the public is too stupid and lazy to actually be concerned about.

America is exceptional and the greatest country in the world yet, we must be diligent in order to maintain the fiber, integrity and very foundation that sets us apart from other countries. God is the key to our country and man should never ignore, ridicule or remove God from its principles and foundation.

God Bless all the men and women in uniform and all that have made the ultimate sacrifice for our great country. Also, God Bless those misguided folks at NBC and any other Americans that have lost sight of the many blessing and liberties that are only available in America.

Danny D. Bare is the Executive Director of the Clermont County Veterans Commission and a Vietnam combat veteran.

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7 Responses to “DAN BARE
Extreme disrespect displayed by NBC”

  1. Hi Danny – I totally agree with what you have expressed in this article. When we leave God out, or turn our backs on why we are the country we are, we will soon see the affects – in fact, I believe we are already experiencing some of the repercussions of anti-God decisions in America. THANK YOU for standing up for what you believe and being a voice for the rest of us who stand with you! GOD BLESS AMERICA AND EVERYONE, PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE WHO SERVE(D) THEIR COUNTRY!

    Phyllis Kramer

  2. Bob buelterman says:

    I have written NBC to advise I will watch their.network only on the rare occasion they are showing something that interest me. When I do soi will write at least one of the advertisers to tell them I will not purchase their product because they are contributing to NBC. I hope a lot of people do the same.

  3. Carl Buhr says:

    Why are you suprised that NBC would do something like this when the CEO is a Atheist and a Socialist.

  4. Carl Buhr says:

    hou can anyone be suprised with NBC doing this. They put a atheist and a socialist in charge and his put his views into action.

  5. Kathy says:

    Just to be clear, you do realize that it was originally composed by Christian Socialist Francis Bellamy in 1892. The Pledge has been modified four times since its composition, with the most recent change adding the words “under God” in 1954. It seems acceptable to recite the pledge in any of it’s incarnations. Some feel that the addition of the phrase “under God” violates protections against the establishment of religion guaranteed in the First Amendment. The introduction of “under God” was done during the Cold War, as a way to differentiate the U.S. from the concept of communist state atheism. Personally, I respect your opinion and your service. I just wanted to point out all the facts. Thanks.

  6. Roger Myers says:

    I wish they would remove the phrase under god from the loyalty oath that too many people are forced to recite. What sort of nation is it that requires their citizens to recite a loyalty oath? A totalitarian one. In a free nation people choose to be loyal because they want to be part of the good things going on. I do agree that this nation is indivisible, one nation not 50 petty little fiefdoms though.

    Get and keep religion out of govt by any means necessary. This country was founded to have a secular govt for the protection of the country. The founding fathers had fled a theocracy and did not want one in this nation. Any rational person should not want a theocracy.

  7. Odd One Out says:

    You DO know that ‘under god’ was only added in 1954, right?

    It wasn’t there in the first place and it shouldn’t be there now.

    You opinion that there is a god is your opinion and you’re welcome to it, but how about not making everyone else have to match your opinion?

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