Williamsburg is Southern Buckeye National boys track and field champion

May 19th, 2011    Author: Richard Crawford    Filed Under: Sports

Competing in the 100-meter dash SBC-N finals are Clayton Scheidler of ‘Burg, John Martin and Caleb Barnes of Blan, Charlie Oliver of ‘Burg, Janson Florence of Georgetown, and Matt Morrow of East Clinton.

Williamsburg amassed a lot of points to win the boys track and field championship of the Southern Buckeye Conference. The event took place at Georgetown High School.

The Wildcats’ Clayton Scheidler, a junior, was a winner in two individual events.

Final team standings

Williamsburg (Wms) 173, Blanchester (Blan) 161, Georgetown (Geo) 98, Batavia ( Bat) 47, East Clinton (EC) 31, and Felicity (Fel) 8.

Pole vault: Nick Heilman (Wms) 11-feet, 6-inches, McCullough (Blan), Tyler Miller (Wms), and Cook (Blan).

High jump: Barney Tyler (Blan) 6-0, Jackson (Blan), Cody Wiedemann (Wms), Knisley (EC), Jaime Simmons (Wms), and Stenger (Geo).

Long jump: Kyle Donthnier (Wms) 20-5, Jason Zavislak (Wms), Martin (B lan), Johnny Franz (Bat), Jackson (Blan), Helterbrand (Geo), Zach Vinson (Fel), and Tyler Hermann (Fel).

Discus: Michael Posey (Wms) 151-0, Adamson (Geo), Swartz (Geo), Billy Hickey (Wms), Boyd (Blan), Ostermirer (Blan), Jeremy Miller (Fel), and Lyle Fry (Fel).

Shot put: Jess Adamson (Geo) 57-2.75, Billy Hickey (Wms), Michael Posey (Wms), Ostermirer (Blan), Boyd (Blan), Swartz (Geo), Morrow (EC), and Lyle Fry (Fel).

100-meter dash: Clayton Scheidler (Wms) 10.8-seconds, Martin (Blan), Barnes (Blan), Charlie Oliver (Wms), Florence (Geo), Morrow (EC), Rothwell (EC), and Ethan Rudd (Fel).

200-meter dash: Clayton Scheidler (Wms), 22.31, Barnes (Blan), McClanahan (Blan), Johnny Franz (Bat), Kyle Donthnier (Wms), Florence (Geo), Blackburn (EC), and Ethan Rudd (Fel).

400-meter dash: Jake McClanahan (Blan) 51.86, Ethan Rudd (Fel), Henley (Blan), Florence (Geo), Jason Zavislak (Wms), Ryan Harper (Bat), and Johnny Franz (Bat).

800-meter run: Cody Pack (Geo) 2:05.14, Lucas (Geo), Brandon Boggs (Wms), Ryan Boggs (Wms), Gambrell (Blan), Crouch (EC), Daniel Chandler (Bat), and Luschek (Blan).

1,600-meter run: Cody Pack (Geo) 4:46.17, Josh Moon (Bat), McCullough (Blan), Ryan Boggs (Wms), Cook (Blan), Damen (Geo), Hunter Stith (Bat), and Tyler Miller (Wms).

3,200-meter run: Cody Pack (Geo) 10:52.04, Josh Moon (Bat), McCullough (Blan), Griffin Stith (Bat), Cook (Blan), Roger Thornberry (Wms), Jaime Simmons (Wms), and Seeger (EC).

110-meter high hurdles: Tyler Barney (Blan) 14.82, Cody Wiedemann (Wms), Kevin Keeton (Wms), Martin (Blan), Knisley (EC), Blackburn (EC), and Hill (Geo).

300-meter intermediate hurdles: Tyler Barney (Blan) 41.46, Kevin Keeton (Wms), Corey Stith (Wms), Knisley (EC), Rhoads (Blan), and Hill (Geo).

400-meter relay: Williamsburg (Charlie Oliver, Jason Zavislak, Kyle Donthnier, and Clayton Scheidler) 44.37, East Clinton, Batavia, and Georgetown.

800-meter relay: Blanchester 1:34.10, Williamsburg, East Clinton, Batavia, and Georgetown.

1,600-meter relay: Blanchester 3:37.76, Georgetown, Williamsburg, Batavia, and East Clinton.

3,200-meter relay: Georgetown 8:44.28, Williamsburg, Blanchester, Batavia, and East Clinton.

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