Glen Este, Milford standouts earn FAVC Buckeye all-star status

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Thomas, Porter, and Winkler earn special recognition

Milford’s varsity volleyball team was second in the Fort Ancienit Valley Conference Buckeye Division. Team members were, left to right, row one, Kahla Simmons, Ella Weymiller, Sam Bateman, Alison Moore, Nicole Morris, and McKenzie Karg; and row two, coach Lauren Cooper, Megan Knight, Kristen Knight, Rachael Sullivan, Mallory Baker, Emily Bullock, Audrey Hallquist, and coach Sarah Willis. Photo courtesy of Keiser Photography.

The Fort Ancient Valley Conference Buckeye Division has chosen its all-star squads for the 2010-11 autumn season.

Glen Este’s Michelle Thomas (cross country) and Dani Porter (volleyball) earned player of the year recognition in their respective sports and Milford head girls soccer coach Patrick Winkler earned coach of the year honors in his respective sport.

Following are the Glen Este Trojans and the Milford Eagles who earned conference (division) status.

Included is the grade in school of each all-star.


First team

Glen Este: Corey Goedde (12) defensive back, Michael Kennedy (12) offensive lineman, Justin Mulloney (12) defensive lineman, Collin Pitman (12) linebacker

Milford: Nick Sharp (12) defensive lineman and Nathan Termuhlen (12) running back.

Second team

Glen Este: Tim McBride (12) offensive lineman and Alec Scardina (11) running back.

Milford: Ryan Golden (12) defensive back and Alex Hord (12) offensive lineman.

Honorable mention

Glen Este: Cory Downs (12) offensive lineman.

Milford: Frank Sullivan (12) quarterback.

Final division and (overall) records

Winton Woods 5-0, Anderson 4-1, Loveland 3-2, Glen Este 2-3 (4-6), Harrison 1-4, and Milford 0-5 (3-7).

Boys Cross Country

First team

Glen Este: Steven Stoffel (12).

Second team

Milford: Joe Murray (12) and Jake Prem (11).

Honorable mention:

Glen Este: Brandon Behymer (11).

Final division meet scores

Kings 42, Anderson 45, Turpin 91, Loveland 93, Glen Este 159, Wilmington 169, Little Miami 207, Milford 209, and Walnut Hills 215.

Girls Cross Country

Athlete of the Year

Michelle Thomas

First team

Glen Este: Michelle Thomas (12) and Jamie Thomas (9).

Milford: Kristen Brady (11).

Second team

Milford: Lorin Conti (11).

Honorable mention

Milford: Sara Savitz (11).

Final division meet scores

Kings 42, Walnut Hills 49, Anderson 90, Turpin 117, Loveland 134, Glen Este 139, Milford 139, and Wilmington 219.

Girls Volleyball

Athlete of the Year

Dani Porter

First team

Milford: Mallory Baker (11) and Rachael Sullivan (10).

Glen Este: Dani Porter (12).

Second team

Milford: Audrey Hallquist (10).

Glen Este: Kristina Fultz (11) and Taylor Hermann (11).

Honorable mention

Milford: Kahla Simmons (11).

Glen Este: Megan Dmochowski (11).

Final division and (overall) records

Anderson 14-2, Milford 13-3 (17-8), Glen Este 11-5 (16-7), Turpin 11-5, Walnut Hills 8-8, Kings 7-9, Little Miami 5-11, Loveland 3-13, and Wilmington 0-16.

Boys Golf

First team

Milford: Austin Taylor (9) and Tyler Wade (12).

Second team

Milford: Cody Giles (12).

Glen Este: Shaun Spencer (12).

Honorable mention

Milford: Ben Ehemann (12).

Glen Este: Kyle Collett (12).

Final division and (overall) records

Wilmington 7-1, Anderson 7-1, Loveland 6-2, Milford 4-4 (9-8), Kings 4-4, Turpin 3-5, Glen Este 3-5 (7-9), Little Miami 1-7, and Walnut Hills 1-7.

Girl’s Golf

First team

Milford: Ali Habermehl (10) and Taylor Ulery (10).

Second team

Milford: Nikki Coyler (11).

Honorable mention

Milford: Erin Mack (11).

Glen Este: Olivia Nicholas (10).

Final overall standings

Little Miami 16-2, Milford 13-3, Harrison 13-5, Kings 13-5, Loveland 12-7, Anderso 8-8, Turpin 4-11, Glen Este 2-13, Wilmington 1-16, and Northwest 0-14.

Girls Tennis

First team

Milford: Brittney Lovdal (9) first singles.

Second team

Milford: Madison Laskarzewski (10) first singles, Gaby Medvedec (12), and Jade Brown (10), first doubles, and Juleah Morehouse (12) and Eliza Marchant (11), second doubles.

Glen Este: Daniela Peregrina (10) first singles.

Honorable mention

Milford: ShannonGlancy (11) third singles.

Glen Este: Sarah Parrish (12) second singles.

Final division and (overall) records

Loveland 8-0, Kings 7-1, Milford 5-3 (12-4), Walnut Hills 5-3, Anderson 5-3 , Glen Este 2-6 (5-8), Little Miami 2-6, Turpin 2-6, and Wilmington 0-8.

Milford’s varsity boys soccer team was second in the Buckeye Division of the Fort Ancient Valley Conference. Team members were, left to right, row one, Joey Haberer, Jake Kearns, Stephen Iram, Jonathan Taylor, Andy Murphy, Kyle Grothuas, and Adam Hudson; and row two coach BrianCroston, Matt Murphy, John Nagle, James Hammonds, Kyle Scott, Anders Michelson, Derek Coleman, Taylor Jacxobs, and coach Alan Grothaus. Photo courtesy of Keiser Photography.

Boys Soccer

First team

Milford: Kyle Grothaus (11), Anders Michelson (12), and Kyle Scott (12).

Glen Este: Matt Grau (12).

Second team

Milford: Derek Coleman (11), James Hammon (11), and John Nagle (11).

Glen Este: Cody Fry, (11).

Honorable mention

Milford: Taylor Jacob (12).

Glen Este: Garrett Kendall (12).

Final division (and overall) records

Loveland 7-1, Milford 6-1-1 (13-3), Turpin 5-1-2, Walnut Hills 5-2-1, Anderson 3-3-2, Wilmington 2-4-2, Kings 2-4-2, Little Miami 1-7, and Glen Este 0-8 (2-14).

Girls Soccer

Coach of the Year

Milford: Patrick Winkler.

First team

Milford: Lindsay Bartsch (12), Tori Calderhead (12), Brittany Prato (12), and Morgan Wolcott (11).

Glen Este: Karina Atkinson (12).

Second team

Milford: Maddie Bunnell (11), Kylie Gullage (12), and Kelly Yee (11).

Glen Este: Corti Pullens (10) and J. J. Pullens (12).

Honorable mention

Milford: Ashli Bowling (12).

Glen Este: Kelly Banfill (11).

Final division and (overall) records

Milford 7-1, Anderson 6-2, Turpin 6-2, Kings 6-2, Walnut Hills 3-4-1, Loveland 3-4-1, Little Miami 2-5-1, Glen Este 1-6-1, and Wilmington 0-8.

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