Merwin Elementary remembers service members contributions on Veterans Day

November 18th, 2010    Author: Brett A. Roller    Filed Under: News

Each Veteran’s Day all across the country people take a step back to remember the men and women in uniform who have served their countries in times of war.

Clermont County takes Veteran’s Day very seriously and the day brings a unique opportunity to teach children American values.

West Clermont’s Merwin Elementary School held its annual Veteran’s Day program on Wednesday, Nov. 10.

Merwin Elementary School students gathered to honor local veterans on Wednesday, Nov. 10.
"Every year I have been at Merwin this has been a special day," school principal Jackie Hospelhorn told the children and veterans gathered. "We do not take for granted the freedom that was won for us."

The flag was presented by Cub Scout Pack no. 676 followed by the pledge of allegiance and the national anthem.

Each grade level participated in the program through patriotic songs under the direction of music teacher Kay Holmes.

Leatherneck Detachment 693 performed a gun salute for the gathered veterans and children.

Two students read poems by Army veteran and self-proclaimed plumber-poet Roger Robicheau.

"Remember them while in your home/ Or where you choose to freely roam/ Don't take for granted what you see/ Some left this life so it could be," Jonathan Lang read from "They keep us free."

Kirsten Click read "What Heroes Gave," "We'll never let their special day/ Their time for honor slip away/ These brave fought for a nation free/ If not for them, where would we be?"

The fifth graders played a special role in the program by singing the official songs for each branch of the service. Each song was introduced by a student.

Logan Smith spoke of the 4,057,101 Army soldiers who served in World War I. Rebecca Michael saluted the 4,183,466 men and women who sailed with the Navy in World War II.

Nicole Brown honored the U.S. Coast Guard's involvement in search and rescue and support roles during the Korean War with 44,143 members.

Alex Ballou remembered the 794,000 Marines who served in Vietnam.

Tanner McClanahan saluted the 50,751 pilots who flew during the Persian Gulf War.

Special recognition was given to students who have immediately family members currently serving over seas. Michael and Matthew Harper's dad is serving in Saudi Arabia. Joey Barger's mom is stationed in Iraq as is Drake Young's dad. Conner Brewster's brother is currently serving in Afghanistan.

All veterans in the room were also asked to come forward with their relatives to be recognized. The group filled the entire stage.

"Isn't it amazing the impact our area has had on preserving freedom?" Hospelhorn said.

The program concluded with the playing of Taps.
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