Improvements to Williamsburg’s disc golf course are in the works

October 11th, 2010    Author: Debbie Robinson    Filed Under: News

A list of improvements needed for the disc golf course located at Williamsburg Park was submitted to council by Troy Ison at the Sept. 9 Williamsburg Council meeting. According to Ison, improvements are needed to draw larger disc golf tournaments to the area as well as maintain a pleasant experience for the local disc golf leagues.

Patti Bates, village administrator, says the request to have improvements such as new pads, nets and various other improvements, has been submitted and received by the Army Corps of Engineers.

“I am waiting on Jim O’Boyle to get back with me so a meeting between him, myself and Troy can be arranged,” Bates said.

Front row from left are Jeremy Boiling, Jarrad Brumley, Spencer Nunnelley, Lance Fair, Shaun Fair, Jeremy Ison; back row, Troy Ison and Mike Naegle.
Ison attended a council meeting prior to Sept. 9 at which he asked permission to take over the maintenance of the course. His goal then was to make sure it was in shape so tournaments from outside of the Williamsburg Village area could be scheduled.

Ison's ideas and interest in sprucing up the disc golf course have been well received by council.

Ison says the 10-18 disc golf players who participate in the weekly league tournament every Tuesday at Williamsburg Park have been doing some cleaning up on their own over the past two years because they love the course.

"Getting this course cleaned up to par on improvements would bring people to the village from all over the Tri-State area for tournaments. This would be good for businesses in the area," said Ison.

Councilman Jim Weaver agreed with Ison when he made his request at the first meeting. Weaver suggested that it may be a good idea to alert businesses in the village about the tournaments affording them become involved in promoting it the tournament as well as the business district.

"Some of the businesses would make money from the participants in the tournaments. This would be good for the businesses here," he said.

Since Ison's first appearance at Williamsburg Council Meeting, he and the weekly disc tournament participants at Williamsburg park have cleaned up the course well enough that they were able to host a course challenge sponsored by the Greater Cincinnati Frisbee Disc Association that was held in August.

"We had 54 people turn up here. They moved this particular tournament from Devou Park to Williamsburg Park. The people who attended came from a lot of different areas and had never been here before," Ison said.

Ison said Grammas Pizza, next door to Medary's, was very pleased with the business generated as a result of the tournament.

"Grammas gave out a bunch of coupons to the teams. It was very busy there that day but everyone was happy with the food and service," he said.

Ison has been consulting with Chris Clark, who was originally responsible for the design and development of the course.

"Chris has helped me a lot with getting tournaments together. He has given me names of people to contact for tournament information and such. He told me he would love to be more involved but just doesn't have a lot of time right now. We do communications, though," he said.

Prior to the tournament Ison said they cleaned up the trails that were covered with limbs and part of a tree caused by wind storms.

"We did a lot of weed eating along the trails and collecting debris as well. We cleaned up some holes. We removed a fallen tree from one the baskets in the woods," he said.

Ison says his vision is to draw as many tournaments into Williamsburg as possible. He also wanted to note that not only are tournaments a focus for getting the Williamsburg Park Golf Disc Course upgraded and kept clean, but for the residents as well.

"A lot of people who don't play in leagues or tournaments just love to come here to throw and have a good time. Williamsburg Village (councilmember's) do a great job in maintaining the park and making improvements. They seemed interested in my ideas of having the course upgraded and taken care of and of course bringing in larger tournaments," Ison said.
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