Bethel-Tate girls run to victory at own cross country invitational; GE harriers win meets

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Local invitationals are beginning to move to the forefront of Clermont County’s high school varsity cross country action.

Western Brown Invitational

Glen Este’s Michelle Thomas, a senior, and Steven Stoffel, a junior, ran away with the laurels at the annual Western Brown High School Jim Neu Cross Country Invitational.

Glen Este’s girls and New Richmond’s boys were the team champions.


Thomas easily won the 3.1-mile run with a time of 19-minutes, 13.65-seconds more than two minutes before of the runner-up racer crossed the finish line.

Finishing among the first 20 from Clermont County were Andi Lanigan of Bethel Tate (third, 21:54.26), Jamie Thomas of Glen Este (fourth, 21:58.93), Deanna Sipple of Bethel-Tate (sixth, 23:07.61), Tayler Davis of Glen Este (10th, 24:31.46), Brittany Fischer of Bethel-Tate (12th, 24:39.49), Kenleigh Howard of Glen Este (14th, 24:46.88), Lauren Owen of Glen Este (15th, 24:49.63), Morgan Calhoun of Bethel-Tate (18th, 25:01.48), Veronica Burnam of New Richomond (19th, 25:08.03), and Paige Anderson of New Richmond (20th, 25:09.01).

Sara Briggs and Alexa Hawley were the first to come in for Goshen and Clermont Northeastern, respectively.


Teamwise, Glen Este was the winner with a total of 39 points, Bethel-Tate was third with 54, and New Richmond, fourth, 121. Goshen and Clermont Northeastern did not compete with a complete five-runner-team. A total of seven distaff full teams competed.

Stoffel's pace-setting time for the boys was 17:48.23. Timmy Hall of New Richmond, a senior, was a very close second crossing the finish line in 17:54.28.

Clermont countians rounding out the top 20 were Alex Ariapad of New Richmond (sixth, 18:44.22), Brandon Behymer of Glen Este (eighth, 18:55.21), Ashton Hutchinson of Bethel-Tate (ninth, 18:58.84), Ben Fitzgerral of New Richmond (10th, 19:07.65), Jadon Henry of Bethel-Tate (13th, 19:30.86), Jeremy Moss of Bethel-Tate (14th, 19:33.72), Paul Hudson of Glen Este (17th, 19:46.34), Mickie Doane of New Richmond (18th, 19:47.32), Sumner Hobart of Bethel-Tate (19th, 19:49.17), and Dale Anderson of Bethel-Tate (20th, 19:51.96).

Cory Baker, Nathan McQueen, Tyler Miller, and Nick Twine were the best finishers for Felicity, Goshen, Williamsburg, and Clermont Northeastern, respectively.

New Richmond was the team champion with 59 points, Bethel-Tate was runner-up with 75, Glen Este, third, with 81, and Williamsburg, 12th, with 328. Clermont Northeastern, Felicity, Goshen, and Williamsburg did not compete with full five-man squads. A total of 12 full male squads competed.

Bethel-Tate Invitational


The Tiger girls team was the champion at its own invitational.

The Red and Gray had 32 points, Western Brown 37, Georgetown 91, Williamsburg 126, Ripley 128, Eastern 129, Amelia 161, and Batavia 171. Goshen did not compete with a full five-person team.

Emma Uible of Seven Hills was the individual winner in a time of 20-minutes, 37-seconds on the 3.1-mile course. Good Clermont County times were recorded by junior Andi Lanigan of Bethel Tate (third, 21:00), Deanna Sipple of Bethel-Tate (seventh, 22:54), Brittany Fischer of Bethel-Tate (eighth, 23:05), sophomore Bekkah Jordan of Williamsburg (ninth, 23:09), Carolin Baker of Bethel-Tate (11th, 23:32), Morgan Calhoun of Bethel Tate (13th, 23:46), junior Cierra Isner, Batavia's pacesetter (18th, 24:12), junior Alexa Hawley, Clermont Northeastern's leader (19th, 24:17), sophomore Holly Ortalano, Amelia's number one finisher (31st, 25:39), and junior Nikki James, Goshen's first in (55th, 30:01).


The boys in Red and Gray were second place behind Western Brown. The Broncos made 78 points and the Tigers a very close 80. Georgetown registered 92 points, Amelia 130, Little Miami 135, Fayetteville 163, Eastern 201, Manchester 211, Seven Hills 234, Batavia 237, Goshen 248, Williamsburg 288, and Ripley 290. Clermont Northeastern and Felicity did not compete with full five-man squads.

Nick McAffee of Georgetown was the individual champion with a clocking of 17:25. Good Clermont County times were achieved by senior Kevin Guenther of Amelia (sixth, 18:08), sophomore Sumner Hobart of Bethel-Tate (eighth, 18:32), Ashton Hutchinson of Bethel-Tate (10th, 18:37), senior Nathan McQueen of Goshen (11th, 18:38), Dale Anderson of Bethel-Tate (17th, 19:06), senior Travis Smith, Felicity's first finisher (35th, 19:48), Cody Schott, junior Batavia's number-one harrier (37th, 19:49), freshman Roger Thornberry of Williamsburg, the Wildcats' first runner in (45th, 20:11), and junior Nick Twine of Clermont Northeastern, the first Rocket runner to come in (53rd, 20:39).

Georgetown Invitational

Clermont County teams swept the boys and girls divisions, respectively, at the Georgetown Invitational. Andi Lanigan, Bethel-Tate junior, was the individual victor of the girls race.


Nick McAffee of Georgetown was the boys winner in a time of 17:35.67 over the 3.1 mile course. Clermont County's best were Timmy Hall of New Richmond (second, 71:51.84), Alex Ariapad of New Richmond (fifth, 18:48.03), Ben Fitzgerral of New Richmond (sixth, 18:52.55), Jadon Henry of Bethel-Tate (seventh, 19:09.10), Kevin Guenther of Amelia (eighth, 19:14.03), Daniel Chandler of Batavia (ninth, 19:22.98), Nathan McQueen of Goshen (10th, 19:25.68), Grant Gilman of New Richmond (13th, 19:42.61), Jeremy Moss of Bethel-Tate (14th, 19:42.96), Ashton Hutchinson of Bethel-Tate (18th, 19:52.64), Luke Gilday of New Richond (19th, 19:57.93), and Oleg Burlack of Amelia (20th, 20:02.14). The pace setters for their respective squads were Roger Thornberry of Williamsburg (22nd, 20:10.00), and Travis Smith of Felicity (28th, 20:30.72).

New Richmond finished first among the 13 full five-man squads with a total of 45 points, Bethel-Tate was third, 91, Amelia, fourth, 124, Batavia, seventh, 154, Goshen, ninth, 235, and Williamsburg, 10th, 267.


Lanigan's winning time was 21:51.81. Other leading Clermont countians were DeAnna Sipple of Bethel-Tate (third, 23:51.90), Veronica Burnam of New Richmond (fifth, 24:34.94), Olivia Behymer of New Richmond (sixth, 24:35.74), Brittany Fischer of Bethel-Tate (eighth, 24:44.16), Morgan Calhoun of Bethel-Tate (ninth, 24:48.36), Rachael Wilson of Amelia (10th, 24:48.87), Cierra Isner of Batavia (12th, 25:03.14), Carolin Baker of Bethel-Tate (16th, 25:20.42), and Paige Anderson of New Richmond (17th, 25:35.66). In the forefront for their respective team were Sara Briggs of Goshen (26th, 27:22.81), Kaci Smith of Williamsburg (50th, 30:02.21), and Sam Strotman of Clermont Northeastern (51st, 30:02.51).

Bethel-Tate was the team champion under the field of seven teams with 32 points, New Richmond was third, 70, Amelia, fifth, 116, and Batavia, seventh, 167.
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