Clermont County’s Knothole squads compete with results in the 64th annual county-wide tournament

August 12th, 2010    Author: Richard Crawford    Filed Under: Sports

The 64th Annual Clermont County Knothole Tournament is into its final games. Following are the results of the games played thus far.

Class A Senior

Winners bracket: Tealtown Titans deelectrified Goshen Thunderbolts, Milford Senators outlawed New Richmond Screaming Eagles, Batavia Bulldogs chewed up Tealtown Vipers, Withamsville-Tobasco Vultures destroyed Bethel Pride, Milford Senators impeached Tealtown Titans, and Batavia Bulldogs brought down Withamsville-Tobasco Vultures.

Losers bracket: New Richmond Screaming Eagles flew by Goshen Thunderbolts, Tealtown Vipers eliminated Bethel Pride, Withamsville-Tobasco Vultures silenced New Richmond Screaming Eagles, and Tealtown Vipers remembered Tealtown Titans.

Class A Junior Gold

Winners bracket: New Richmond Rangers loned Amelia Dodgers, Milford Warriors evaded Goshen Arrows, New Richmond Rangers caged Bethel Tigers, and Milford Warriors scared Amelia Braves.

Class A Junior Silver

Winners bracket: Magic Magic surprised Tealtown Thunder, Milford Crush crunched Tealtown Bombers, Milford Magic mesmerized Withamsville-Tobasco Bearcats, and Amelia Redskins crushed Milford Crush.

Class B Senior Gold

Winners bracket: Milford Bandits robbed Amelia Khaos, Withamsville-Tobasco Hawks pulled down Goshen Red Sox, Felicity Indians big horned Goshen Troopers, Milford Bandits stole by Withamsville-Tobasco Titans, Felicity Indians plucked Withamsville-Tobasco Hawks, and Felicity Indians captured Milford Bandits.

Losers bracket: Goshen Troopers arrested Goshen Red Soc, Withamsville-Tobasco Titans outsized Goshen Troopers, and Withamsville-Tobasco Hawks quieted Amelia Khaos.

Class B Senior Silver

Winners bracket: Amelia Indians cooled off Tealtown Inferno, Milford Longhorns stabbed New Richmond Eagles, Clermont Northeastern Rockets launched Batavia Bulldogs, Bethel Cardinals flew by Amelia Indians, Milford Longhorns shot down Clermont Northeastern Rockets, and Milford Longhorns gored Bethel Cardinals.

Losers bracket: New Richmond Eagles balded Batavia Bulldogs, New Richmond Eagles taloned Amelia Indians, and Tealtown Inferno melted Clermont Northeastern Rockets.

Class B Junior Gold

Winners bracket: Milford Cobras mesmerized Williamsburg Bandits 14-6, Milford Mustangs received a forfeit, Batavia Bulldogs overpowered Milford Panthers, Tealtown Redlegs nipped Batavia Bulldogs 5-4, Bethel Powerhouse overpowered Withamsville-Tobasco Bombers 14-4, Milford Mustangs stomped Milford Cobras 19-4, and Bethel Powerhouse shut out Tealtown Redlegs 13-0.

Losers bracket: Milford Panthers disarmed Williamsburg Bandits 11-3, Milford Panthers received a forfeit, Batavia Bulldogs levelled Withamsville-Tobasco Bombers 19-1, and Milford Panthers outhustled Tealtown Redlegs 18-7.

Class B Junior Silver

Winners bracket: Amelia Tigers received a forfeit, Amelia Redhawks skinned Tealtown Bears 19-4, Goshen Rebels edged Tealtown Cobras 8-7, Amelia Tigers outlasted Tealtown Tigers 11-10, Goshen Rebels washingtoned Amelia Redhawks 13-7, and Goshen Rebels seceded Amelia Tigers 19-9.

Losers bracket: Tealtown Cobras received a forfeit, Tealtown Tigers devoured Tealtown Cobras 9-7, and Amelia Redhawks received a forfeit.

Class C Senior Gold

Winners bracket: Amelia Blues saddened New Richmond Warthogs, Milford Tigers tore apart Milford Cobras, Tealtown Strykers struck down Clermont Northeastern Sharks, Amelia Blues shushed Bethel Rampage, Milford Tigers eked by Tealtown Tigers, Batavia Big Dawgs outsized Milford Phillies, Tealtown Strykers hit Amelia Blues, and Batavia Big Dawgs outmuscled Milford Tigers.

Losers bracket: Milford Cobras drowned Clermont Northeastern Sharks, Milford Phillies cheese staked New Richmond Warthogs, Milford Cobras quieted Bethel Rampage, and Tealtown Tigers chewed on the Milford Phillies.

Class C Senior Silver

Winners bracket: New Richmond Rebels upset Amelia Warriors, Tealtown Rookies defused Withamsville-Tobasco Bombers, Amelia Renegades juckered Batavia Bearcats, New Richmond Rebels lowered Withamsville-Tobasco Titans, Tealtown Rookies outexperienced Amelia Renegades, and New Richmond Rebels routed Tealtown Rookies.

Losers bracket: Withamsville-Tobasco Bombers dropped Batavia Bearcats, Withamsville-Tobasco Titans gunned down Withamsville-Tobasco Bombers, and Amelia Renegades tomahawked Amelia Warriors.

Class C Junior Gold

Winners bracket: Batavia Bullets pierced Amelia Fusion, Williamsburg Wildcats woodied Tealtown Buckeyes, Withamsville-Tobasco Tribe dried off Milford Storm, Milford Hurricanes blew by Goshen Thunder, Batavia Bullets gunned down New Ricmond Stingers, Williamsburg Wildcats cleaned up Milford Muckdogs,. Amelia Redlegs crosleyed Withamsville-Tobasco Tribe, Milford Hurricanes blew away Batavia Bullets, Amelia Redlegs outsped Williamsburg Wildcats, and Milford Hurricanes desocked Amelia Redlegs.

Losers bracket: Goshen Thunder hayesed Tealtown Buckeyes, Miflord Storm drenched New Richmond Stingers, Amelia Fusion defused Milford Muckdogs, Goshen Thunder outnoised Milford Storm, and Withamsville-Tobasco Tribe divided Amelia Fusion.

Class C Junior Silver

Winners bracket: Goshen Steamrollers flattened Clermont Northeastern Yankees, Withamsville-Tobasco Titans titanticed Batavia Bulldogs, Withamsville-Tobasco Shockers cooled off Milford Dragons, Felicity Vipers outhowled Tealtown Coyotes, Withamsville-Tobasco Titans unsteamed Goshen Steamrollers, Felicity Vipers stunned Withamsville-Tobasco Shockers, and Withamsville-Tobasco Titans stood over Felicity Vipers.

Losers bracket: Batavia Bulldogs northernized Clermont Northeastern Yankess, and Teattown Coyotes detailed Milford Dragons.

Class D Senior Gold

Wiinners bracket: New Richmond Heat waved Tealtown Blackhawks 5-4, Clermont Northeastern Rockets washkoed Amelia Cubs 12-3, Tealtown Reds glasnosted Amelia Storm 12-1, Tealtown Blaze campfired Milford Tribe 9-4, Bethel Cougars chilled New Richmond Heat 11-3, Clermont Northeastern Rockets consumed Tealtown Orange Crush 9-3, Amelia Red Sox blue by Tealtown Reds 17-8, Tealtown Blaze delighted Bethel Cougars 19-18, and Clermont Northeastern Rockets stomped Amelia Red Sox 9-1.

Losers bracket: Milford Tribe counseled Amelia Cubs 8-7, Tealtown Blackhawks avoided Amelia Storm 12-11, and Tealtown Orance Crush hydrated New Richmond Heat 15-6.

Class D Senior Silver

Winners bracket: Goshen Warrior Dogs chased whitened Bethel Blackbirds 18-12, Milford Eagles mccallumed Williamsburg Warriors 13-12, Withamsville-Tobasco Reds gladdened Felicity Mean Machine 18-3, Williamsburg Wildcats quarantined Goshen Warriors Dogs 16-4, Withamsville-Tobasco Reds benched Milford Eagles 11-6, and Williamsburg Wildcats kentuckied Withamsville-Tobasco Reds 22-13.

Losers bracket: Bethel Blackbirds received a forfeit and Goshen Warriors Dogs broke down Felicity Mean Machine 14-5.

Class D Junior Gold

No scores were reported in this division.

Class D Junior Silver

Winners bracket: Amelia Bulldogs anstaetted Bethel Bandits 13-5, Goshen Rockets shot down Williamsburg Fireballs 8-0, Amelia Bulldogs received a forfeit and Goshen Rockets received a forfeit.

Losers bracket: Williamsburg Fireballs received a forfeit and Bethel Bandits received a forfeit.
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