A day in the life of a Clermont Senior Services Home Health Aide

August 12th, 2010    Author: Staff Report    Filed Under: Community

By Kathy Manning

First Stop:

Lois receives personal care and homemaking each week. She has a cute, but spoiled little dog. Lois says it knows when I’m coming.

She likes me to wash and style her hair for her. Lois broke her arm and it has been hard for her to do a lot of things most people take for granted.

She has me open lids and do some dishes and things that she can’t do right now. She loves to talk about her family and grandchildren.

Kathy Manning, a home health aide for Clermont Senior Services, visits Rosie, one of the agency
Second Stop:

Jewel also receives personal care and homemaking. After her bath I usually take out her trash and check her mail.

She is very nice and has four children. Her daughter does so much for her.

Jewel loves to knit and is always working on something. She really likes to talk about her family.

We have grandkids the same age and laugh about all the cute things they say and do.

Third Stop:

Geneva receives personal care each week. I help her get a bath and wash and comb her long hair; she likes it in a braid or pony tail. I don't think she has ever cut it - maybe a trim.

I go to the store for her and clean her house. Everyone in the building loves her. She is very kind and gets along with everyone. All the employees at the grocery deli where she calls in her orders love to talk to her and always ask about her when I go to pick up her orders.

She loves her gospel music and she plays piano, guitar and sings. Sometimes she plays her tapes while I'm there.

Fourth Stop:

Rosie also receives personal care. She moved from Texas to Clermont County to be close to her daughter. She ran a diner for many years.

The residents at her apartment complex love her cooking. They all seem to look out for each other. Rosie has a cat who doesn't like anyone. She runs when I turn on the vacuum. We laugh at her.

I generally do the same thing - personal care and homemaking - for all the customers I see. They mostly need someone to help them in and out of the shower so they don't fall. They are always so thankful for the help, but they still want to do as much as they can for themselves.

I really love my job and the customers. It's hard not to get close to them. It also is nice to get to know the customers. They are all so different and interesting and love to talk about their families. You get to know about their children and you feel as if you know them too. A lot of the customers have pets and love for you to be kind to them. That means a lot to the customers.

For information on any of the programs offered through Clermont Senior Services call (513) 724-1255.

Kathy Manning is a home health aide for Clermont Senior Services. Her day usually begins at 8:30 a.m. and ends around 4:30 p.m. She normally assists four to seven customers each day.

Clermont Senior Services staff assist hundreds of Clermont County senior citizens each day. The Clermont Sun, through its "A Day in the Life of ..." column, is offering a glimpse into the daily routine of CSS employees and how they provide "service with heart" to their customers. This column is written by the CSS staff.
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