Williamsburg girl has been a member of Girl Scouts for 13 years

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Crystal Evans has been a girl scout for 13 years. She says one of the reasons she has stayed in the Girl Scouts for so long is because it is fun.

“I have met a lot of people and I have had so many experiences. I know I wouldn’t have had any of these experiences if I wouldn’t have stayed in the Girl Scouts.”

Barb Barrett, a Girl Scout Leader for Troop 47347 in Williamsburg says, “It is not uncommon, but it is very unusual for a girl to stay in the scouts for that many years. Most of them drop out in sixth grade. I think it is great that Crystal decided to stay in.”

Crystal Evans poses for a photograph with the badges she has earned during her 13 years as a member of the Girl Scouts.
According to Evans, the main reason the girls drop out is because of sports and other extracurricular activities.

"When my friends started to think about leaving to get into sports, I talked them into staying in with me, even if they got into sports. We made a pact and stuck to it. Some girls just thought it was too much to do both."

"I started out in the Daisies when I was 5-years-old. Then I progressed over the years through Brownies, Juniors, Cadets and finally Senior Girl Scouts."

Evans gives credit to her mother, Brenda Marcum, for always encouraging her to stick with Girl Scouts. She also reflects on all the fun she had during those years.

"I always tried to keep the girls busy because if you don't they will get bored and quit," Marcum said.

"I stayed in mostly because of the fun stuff we got to do like horseback riding, camping, canoeing, rafting, kayaking and the summer camps with other Girl Scout troops," Evans said.

Evans also added Mammoth Cave, Jelly Stone National Park, Kentucky Down Under and day camps at Williamsburg Park to her list of favorites.

"When we went to Kentucky Down Under I remember seeing a baby kangaroo, he was cute. But I was afraid of the peacock."

"I could probably fill a notebook up with all the places I have been and friends I have made. I wouldn't trade those memories for anything in this world."

Learning is also a big part of Girl Scouts explains Evans.

"I think learning is the most important part of it, looking back. Everywhere we went and everything we did taught us something. Like when we visited a rest home. We made Christmas cards especially for the people who lived there. When we handed them out to the residents. It was so sweet to see their smiles and how much they appreciated us coming to visit them. We also gave Girl Scout cookies to them. I think the whole troop got a lot out of that trip. We talked about it later and agreed that one little act of kindness can make a big difference," she said.

The troop also went to a church to watch a film called Baby Sitting 101. Evans says she was surprised at how much she didn't know about babysitting.

"We all thought we knew how to watch kids, but some of the safety stuff we didn't think about. What we learned there is just when you think you know it all you find out you don't."

Evans says she has finished all of the steps within the Girl Scout requirements.

"I have the badges and patches to prove it. When I look at all of them I can't believe all of the stuff I have done over those years. I won't be a Girl Scout anymore but I can now become an Adult Girl Scout and help out with troops or become a leader."

"I wouldn't mind helping but I don't know if I would ever be a leader. For one thing, I start college here real soon and would not have the time to devote to anything outside of school."

Evans says she thinks it is great that, her mother, who was an assistant leader for many years and has been a Girl Scout Troop Leader for the past seven years, is going to continue to be a troop leader.

"I am so thankful that she kept us busy and always planned fun things for us to do. If it is not fun no one wants to do it. I know she will keep making Girl Scouts interesting to the girls she has in her troop now."

There are many things Evans says she will miss about being in the Girl Scouts, such as the fun stuff, the learning, and being part of something she says she believes in. However, there is one thing she will not miss.

"I so will not miss selling Girl Scout Cookies! I won't miss going door to door and having doors slammed in my face. I won't miss collecting the money. Sorting the boxes to make sure everyone got what they ordered. All that I will definitely not miss !"

However Evans does have one good memory about the Girl Scout Cookies.

"We sent Girl Scout Cookies to the troops in Iraq last year. We stood in front of stores with cases of cookies. People would come by and purchase the cookies and put them in a separate box designated for us to send overseas to the troops. They actually got to pick out what kind of cookies they wanted to send. That was really cool. This was not something just our troop did. It involved the Girl Scouts all across the nation."

"I will miss Girl Scouts, but I am really looking forward to going to college. I will be going to Clermont to work on an associates degree in psychology. I am excited to just be starting something new in my life!"
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