Cherry Grove Lanes was host to PBA Pro-Am and Junior Pro-Am tournaments

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The 15th Annual Storm Bowling Products Adult Pro-Am Bowling Tournament and Junior Pro-Am Tournament took place at Cherry Grove Lanes. It was held in conjunction with the 10th Annual DeMarko Summer Bowling Camp.

Professionals from throughout the United States competed. Following are the best scores and the prize money they earned.

Kara Bough of Milford has her shirt augraphed by professional bowlers Nick Kokenos (left) and Carleton Chambers. Both are from Detroit, Mich.
Mike Edwards of Tulsa Okla. ($2,500), Jeffrey Roche of Dearborn, Mich. ($1,300), Eugene McCune of Munster, Ind. ($1,000), Eddie Graham of Centerville, O. ($1,000), Tony E. Reyes of San Bruno, Calif. ($800), Carleton Chambers of Detroit, Mich. ($800), J. R. Raymond of Belleville, Ill. ($800), Chris Priode of Portsmouth, O. ($800), Paul Gibson of Brunswick, O. ($600), Craig Hanson of Orlando, Fla. ($600), Dave D'Entremont of Middleburg Heights, O. ($600), Jeff Fehr of Cincinnati ($600), Brian Thompson of Flat Rock, Mich. ($600), Kirby Joseph Allen of Ironton, O. ($600), Brett Spangler of Niles, O. ($600), Jeff Zaffino of Warren, Pa. ($600), Jack Laffey of Indianapolis, Ind. ($450), Michael Llanzena of Columbus, O. ($450), Wayne Webb of Columbus, O. ($450), Brian L. Kretzer of Dayton, O. ($450), John Nolen of Grand Blanc, Mich. ($425), Liz Johnson of Cheektowaga, N. Y. ($425), Patrick Dombroski of Parma, O. ($425), and Dennis Horan of Temecula, Calif. ($425). Georgia, Kentucky, and North Carolina were other states represented at the tournament.

Brian Himmler is a local resident and the establishment professional bowler at Cherry Groves Lanes. He has been a pro for 15 years.

He said, "For a regional event this was a very big and fun event. This year we had a very nice turnout."

Kathy DeMarko, Glen Este High School head bowling coach, every summer conducts a camp for young keglers at Cherry Grove Lanes. Her campers and other young bowlers from throughout the area took part in the Junior Pro-Am. Most came from Amelia, Glen Este, Milford, Anderson, and McNicholas high schools.

Dave Kruter and Himmler, co-owners of Dave's World of Bowling store at Cherry Grove Lanes, instructed the campers in proper ball weight and fit, hard position, ball position, wrist position, posture, stance, four and five step approach, finished stance, alignment with the lane and target, tempo, arm swing, timing in the approach, proper push away, how to use the five, 10, and 15 for space conversion, what bowling equipment to get and how to use it properly, and etiquette and Heart (have fun, effort, attitude, respect, and team work).

The group consisted of Amber Walters, Emily Partack, Lauren Knecht, Cameron Knecht, Tyler Kuhlman, Peter Jones, Ali Dumont, Kara Bough, Tristan Dumont, Eric Noss, Emily Eoss, Austin Doppes, Emily Doppes, Haley Lane, Katrina Fiasco, Brittany Armstrong, Kelly Roesch, Heather Roesch, Krysta Hernandez, Alex Sutter, Kyle Grogan, Peter Huffman, Paul Hudson, Katie Hudson, Nic Pesnichak, Jaek Pesnichak, Jarred Brewer, Mike Emerson, Leslie Campbell, Taylor Neal, Haley Vogelgesang, Mitchell Hehn, Justin Birkley, Mike Wilson, Nic Schneider, Roger Van Norman, Philip Wenz, Tyler Clark, Donovan Guilfoyle, Joseph Langschwager, Alex Vandergriff, Nic Huber, Blake Huber, Adam Allen, Alex Brueckner, Tyler Dieringer, Jordan Mastin, Emily Freking, Zach Lawson, Chad Feeback, Bailey Isaacs, Nick Poppe, Jenna Coldiron, Michael Bowliing, Alex Sutthoff, Marissa Rehmet, Meredith Parnell, Joshua Pickett, Devin Hoffer, Chris Wilhelm, Jr., Rick McCormick, Kevin Lykins, Zach Bratton, Trevor Porter, Madison Baker, Alexis Baker, Samantha Aldridge, Justin Aldridge, Brandon Waler, Morgan Napier, Blake Moore, Taryn Wallingford, and Tristan Henning.

The coaches of the juniors were Kathy DeMarko, Tom Huber, Tony Kellerman, Quinton Simpson, Kevin Briggs, Brian Himmler, Dave Kurter, Adam Miz, Lauren Gerber, Pat Ahern, Zac Vestring, Matt Clyburn, Amber Kellerman, and Lori Davis.

The professionals who took part in the Junior Pro-Am were Tony Reyes, Marc Massie, Jeff Zaffino, Wayne Webb, Jodi Woessner, Dave D'Entremont, Rigas Kalfas, Lee Johnson, John Nolen, Nick Kokenos, Mike Edwards, Carleton Chambers, Patrick Dombroski, Dustin Baker, Paul Gibson, BrianThompson, Brett Spangler, Dennis Horan, Jr., Brian Himmler, J. R. Raymond, and Tim Bell.

The best individual scores turned in by the youth belonged to Tyler Clark and Jaek Pesnichak of Glen Este 277, Justin Berkley of Milford 259, and Nick Pesnichak of Glen Este 228.

Coach DeMarko said, "I appreciate the pros being interactive with the kids. . . Joe MacFarland is the president of the Greater Cincinnati Bowling Association and a board member of the Men's Division of the Hall of Fame and a youth board member. I want to give him a special thank you for all he's done. He is the person who started the high school bowling programs."
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