Jones, Lilly, Vize, and Zadek win races at June in Olde Williamsburgh competition

June 11th, 2010    Author: Richard Crawford    Filed Under: Sports

Clermont countians dominated the winners’ column in the annual June in Olde Williamsburgh races.

Following are the best finishers in each race.

10K Run

Derek Jones of Afton 38-minutes, 7-seconds, Ken Roark of Hillsboro 41:29, Tom Glasscock of Winchester 41:49, Mary Jablonski of Mt. Orab 42:17, Steve Morehouse of Bethel 44:45, Danny Bubp of West Union 45:18, Debbie Biddle of Cynthiana, Ky., 46:03, Jean Schmidt of Loveland 46:30, Larry Gerke of Cincinnati 47:17, and Carolyn Waits of Cincinnati 48:18.

5K Run

Court Lilly of Batavia 16:57, Rocky Mitchell of Williamsburg 21:21, Andi Lanigan of Bethel 22:03, Roger Thornberry Jr. of Williamsburg 22:09, Dave Hamann of Batavia 22:52, Roger Thornberry Sr. of Williamsburg 24:50, Tommy Lefker of Williamsburg 25:25, Hunter Stith of Batavia 26:13, Bryan Simmons of Batavia 26:15, and Griffin Stith of Batavia 8:39.

Nancy Zadek of Bethel was the overall winner in the walk.
Male Walkers

Bryson Vize of Williamsburg 37:37, Doug Disbennett of Milford 44:48, Guy Marquette of Bethel 45:29, Zachary Taylor of Sardinia 45:9, and Jon Hunsucker of Amelia 47:15.

Female Walkers

Nancy Zadek of Bethel 37:30, Julie Graybill of Williamsburg 42:18, Brenda Morehouse of Bethel 42:33, Stacie Miller of Bethel 42:39, and Shannon Disbennett of Milford 44:17.

Age Group Winners


Dustin Hare of Cincinnati (Male 19-24 years of age), Kierston Brickweg of Milford (Female 19-24), Katie Gerke of Cincinnati (Female 25-29), Glora Scales of Batavia (Female 30-34), Christie Rogers of Excello, Ohio (Female 35-39), Michelle Neuman of Batavia (Female 40-44), Sally Strong of Loveland (Female 45-49), Debbie Biddle of Cynthiana, Ky., (Female 50-54), Tom Glasscock of Winchester (Male 55-59), Jean Schmidt of Loveland (Female 55-59), and Ken Roark of Hillsboro (Male 60-69).


Dakota Lefker of Williamsburg (Male 1-12), Sarah Babbitt of West Chester (Female 1-12), Roger Thornberry Jr. of Williamsburg (Male 13-18), Rebekah Jordan of Williamsburg (Female 13-18), Alisha Lawrence of Bethel (Female 19-24), Karl Schaibly of Cincinnati (Male 25-29), Ruth Dierker of Goshen (Female 25-29), Chad Sackrider of Williamsburg (Male 30-34), Tara Cummins of Day Heights (Female 30-34), Brian Hart of Williamsburg (Male 35-39), Rachel Lefker of Williamsburg (Female 35-39), Rocky Mitchell of Mt. Orab (Male 40-44), Lynda Ewing of Batavia (Female 40-44), Roger Thornberry Sr. of Batavia (Male 45-49), Lois McKnight of Milford (Female 45-49), Jim Wainscott of Indian Hill (Male 50-54), Larry Evans of New Richmond (Male 55-59), Sheila Evans of New Richmond (Female (55-59), and Dave Hamann of Batavia (Male 60-69).


Zachary Taylor of Sardinia (Male 1-29), Lauren Lefferson of Williamsburg (Female 1-29), Jon Hunsucker of Amelia (Male 30-39), Julie Graybill of Williamsburg (Female 30-39), Doug Disbennett of Milford (Male 40-49), Patricia Rutherford of Bethel (Female 40-49), Guy Marquette of Bethel (Male 50-59), Brenda Morehouse of Bethel (Female 50-59), and Don Boyd of Clayton, Ca. (Male 60-99).
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