Clermont Northeastern and Goshen tie for title at CNE’s Chicken Leg Invitational

June 6th, 2010    Author: Richard Crawford    Filed Under: Sports

Clermont Northeastern (CNE) and Goshen tied for the boys title in CNE’s annual Chicken Leg Track and Field Invitational.

Bethel-Tate’s Eric Shinkle and Felicity’s Andrew Smith were double winners among the boys. Felicity’s Arica Stutz was the double winner among the girls.


Team totals: Clermont Northeastern 116, Goshen (Gos) 116, Georgetown (Geo) 101, Bethel-Tate (BT) 66, East Clinton (EC) 65, and Felicity (Fel) 48.

Following are the results of each event, first through sixth place, with the winning distance or time listed.

Pole vault: Brandon Harker (Gos) 11-feet, Dustin Davidson (BT), Phil Sanft (CNE), and Steele (Gos).

Discus: Adamson (Geo) 139-0, Jacob Fishback (CNE), Hudson (CNE), Austin Arnold (Gos), Daniel Carpitero (Gos), and Dove (EC).

Shot put: Adamson (Geo) 48-4, Hudson (CNE), Calvin Phillips (Gos), Tillner (CNE), Fishback (CNE), and Pascal Lanigan (BT).

High jump: Smith (Fel) 5-8, Arnold (Gos), Chris Shouse (Fel), McQueen (Gos), Jake Allen (Gos), and Akers (EC).

Long jump: Smith (Fel) 17-6, Latham (Geo), Andy Shaw (CNE), Shouse (Fel), Kaiser (BT), and Brent Steele (Gos).

3,200-meters relay: Georgetown 9-minutes, 15.88-seconds, Goshen, East Clinton, Clermont Northeastern, and Bethel-Tate.

110 high hurdles: Shinkle (BT) 16.57, Kenny Eickenhorst (Gos), Davidson (BT), Long (EC), Hardyman (Geo), and Villars (EC).

110 dash: Jeff Johnson (CNE) 11.62, Ethan Rudd (Fel), Morrow (EC), Blackburn (EC), Latham (Geo), and Shaw (CNE).

800 relay: Clermont Northeastern 1:39.50, East Clinton, Bethel-Tate, Goshen, and Georgetown.

1,600 run: Pack (Geo) 5:25.67, Christian Cox (Gos), Torok (BT), Crouch (EC), Nick Twine (CNE), and Tyler Daria (BT).

400 relay: East Clinton 48.37, Clermont Northeastern, and Goshen.

400 run: Marcus Casey (Gos) 51.87, Sydnor (CNE), Rudd (Fel), Latham (Geo), Akers (EC), and Lucas (Geo).

300 intermediate hurdles: Shinkle (BT) 45.78, Eickenhorst (Gos), Davidson (BT), Devin Ramer (Gos), Tyree Mendez (CNE), and Steele (Gos).

800 run: McAfee (Geo) 2:15.16, Cox (Gos), Austin Tieke (CNE), Lucas (Geo), Teegarden (Geo), and Aaron Smith (CNE).

200 dash: Sydnor (CNE) 23.46, Blackburn (EC), Morrow (EC), Johnson (CNE), Rudd (Fel), and Shouse (Fel).

3,200 run: Damon (Geo) 11:38.63, McAfee (Geo), Sumnor Hobart (BT), Reynolds (CNE), Aston Hutchinson (BT), and Cory Baker (Fel).

1,600 relay: Goshen 3:49.56, Georgetown, Clermont Northeastern, and East Clinton.


Team totals: East Clinton 147, Bethel-Tate 107, Clermont Northeastern 67, Felicity 61, Goshen 59, and Georgetown 57.

Pole vault: Autumn Schellenberger (BT) 10-6, Maegan Briggs (Gos), Kelly Minarchek (BT), Taylor Atkins (BT), Cyra Jones (BT), and Bradley (Gos).

Discus: Deal (Geo) 100-10, Woodruff (EC), Jessica Irvin (CNE), Megan Obermeyer (Fel), Henry (EC), and Jackie Rabe (CNE).

Shot put: Deal (Geo) 35-10, Luck (Geo), Woodruff (EC), Obermeyer (Fel), Rabe (CNE), and Allen (EC).

High jump: Jones (BT) 4-8, Atkins (BT), Stutz (Fel), Henderson (EC), Thompson (EC), and Briggs (Gos).

Long jump: Stutz (Fel) 15-3, Roberts (EC), Bean (EC), Ciara Nickol (fel), Calendine (EC), and Miranda Anter (BT).

3,200 relay: East Clinton 12:31.70 and Clermont Northeastern.

100 high hurdles: Finley (EC) 18:39, Erin Applegate (CNE), Anter (BT), Stutz (Fel), Boyer (EC), and Briggs (Gos).

100 dash: Trenae Johnsoon (Gos) 13.94, Henderson (EC), Deanna Sipple (BT), Cole (EC), Anter (BT), and VanKuer (Geo).

800 relay: Bethel-Tate 2:00.66, East Cliinton-A, Goshen, Clermont Northeastern, and East Clinton-B.

1,600 run: Dubois (EC) 6:15, Briggs (Gos), Moe (Geo), Marrisa Chambers (CNE), Alexa Hawley (CNE), and Samantha Mays (CNE).

400 relay: Bethel-Tate 57.03, East Clinton-A, Goshen, Clermont Northeastern, and East Clinton-B.

400 run: Stutz (Fel) 1:04.60, Morgan Calhoun (BT), McKee (EC), Dietrick (Geo), and Chambers (CNE).

300 low hurdles: Ashley Lanigan (BT) 52.81, Anter (BT), Applegate (CNE), Julia Knopf (CNE), and Schellenberger (BT).

800 run: Bean (EC), 2:44.19. Nickol (Fel), Dietrick (Geo), Briggs (Gos), VanKeuren (Geo), and Julie Weller (CNE).

200 dash: Thompson (EC), 29.43, Briggs (Gos), Johnson (Gos), Molly Neely (CNE), Claire Schaljo (BT), and Steffany Utley (Fel).

3,200 run: Dubois (EC) 14:14.23, Nickol (Fel), and Chelsea Walters (CNE).

1,600 relay: Georgetown 5:03.85 and East Clinton.

Dawn DeHart Invitational

The Annual Dawn DeHart Invitational took place at Loveland High School.

Amelia and Glen Este competed at the invite. The host Tigers won the nine-team boys division with 161 points, Glen Este was tied for fourth with 70 points and Amelia was fifth with 68. The 10-team girls division was won by McNicholas with 164.5 points, Amelia was fifth with 37.5 and Glen Este was sixth with 37.

Glen Este's Steven Stoffel and Michelle Thomas were double winners.

Scoring for the Trojans among the boys were Stoffel 800 run 2:05.20 and 1,600 run 4:47.48 (first), Michael Stamper 800 run (second), Shane Leinberger 300 hurdles (third), Aaron Baker 400 dash (sixth), Josh Warren 100 dash (seventh), and Brian Nwaobasi 200 dash (eighth)

Scoring for the Barons among the boys were Dale Luginbuhl 110 hurdles and 3,200 relay (second), Aaron Robinson discus and 400 relay (third), Luginbuhl 300 hurdles (fourth), Austin Brown high jump, Bryan Doughman pole vault, and Philip Dakum long jump (fifth), Derrick Hopper high jump and long jump, 800 relay, and 1,600 relay (sixth), Victor Anderson 100 dash, Josh Drennan 110 hurdles and 300 hurdles, and Oleg Burlak 1,600 run (eighth).

Scoring for the Barons among the girls were Crystal Wright 100 meters, Danielle Gehler high jump , 400 relay, and 3200 relay (fifth), Kalika Litwin 200 dash, Jasmin Terry long jump, and Lauren Wittman shot put (sixth), Tory Kroeger pole vault, Paige Closson discus, and 800 relay (seventh), and Hope Wilkinson shot put (eighth)

Scoring for the Trojans among the girls were Thomas in the 800 run 2:23.67 and 1,600 run 5:07.61 (first), 1,600 relay (fourth) 3,200 relay, and 800 relay (sixth), 400 relay and Alysson Sexton 3,200 run (seventh), and Shelby Pickelheimer 1,600 run and Desi Belew 400 dash (eighth).

Finneytown Invitational

In the 10-team Finneytown Invite, Bethel-Tate's girls were runner-up with 88 points and Batavia was 10th with 11 points. Indian Hill's Braves were the champions with 142 points.

Autumn Schellenberger of Bethel-Tate was a double winner in the pole vault (10-6) and 100 hurdles (16.4). Taylor Atkins conquered the field of high jumpers (4-10).
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