Snappy Tomato Pizza has reopened under new management

May 28th, 2010    Author: Staff Report    Filed Under: News

Batavia’s Snappy Tomato Pizza has been reopened by a local entrepreneur.

Virgil Knapke, a long-time Batavia area resident, recently completed a renovation of the popular pizza parlor, which had been closed by its previous owner more than two years ago.

“We walked in and just ripped into it,” Knapke said. “We cleaned it from top to bottom, updated the place with paneling and trim, gave it all a coat of new paint. We’ve tried to give it a very attractive, comfortable atmosphere that makes it really enjoyable for families and anyone who wants to come in and eat here or pick something up to go.”

Virgil Knapke is the new owner of Snappy Tomato Pizza in Batavia.
Knapke retired in 2000 after a 25-year corporate career, most of which was spent with the H.J. Heinz ketchup division. He says that since his retirement, he has pursued various interests, including sports and hobbies. He said that after becoming interested in operating a franchise, he quickly decided that he wanted to work with Snappy.

"I liked the concept that they have," Knapke said. "I think that the product that we make at Snappy is really excellent, we have great ingredients and great food."

Knapke said that he liked the idea of working with a company like Snappy because it is not a national company, but a smaller, regional company. And he says that he has been impressed with Snappy's products.

"They're very good operators and I think they do an excellent job of sorting through the options as far as product and ingredients, as well as recipe development," Knapke said. "We have some really unique products that are well known and very popular."

Knapke says the ranch pizza is probably Snappy's most recognizable, distinctive product, and that the entire line of specialty pizzas, which includes a Hawaiian and a loaded potato pizza, are signature Snappy products.

The pizza menu is supplemented with other items, including chicken wings, hoagies, and salads.

"Sometimes you just like to have a little bit of variety," he said. "If you offer something that really has a signature flavor and combination of flavors, people really like that."

Knapke and his wife Kathleen have been involved with the community and with the Village Association of Batavia, the non-profit community organization working to revitalize the village, for a number of years and the group has begun holding some of its meetings at the restaurant.

"I'm very supportive of everything they do," Knapke said. "Hopefully, operating a family-oriented pizza restaurant will be one person's small contribution to help improve the quality of life in the community."
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