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May 28th, 2010    Author: Staff Report    Filed Under: Community

Clermont County Auditor Linda Fraley has announced an innovative new offering designed to empower users of the Auditor’s Real Estate Website

Now residents and other users have the unique ability to freely and conveniently access documentation, data and related information associated with real property.  Previously this information was only available by either visiting a number of other websites or by personally visiting one of Clermont County’s offices. 

Information associated with real estate descriptions and/or transactions is routinely managed and housed in various County Departments and their individual systems, for example, Recorder's Office, Auditor's Office, GIS department, etc.

What once required multiple visits or inquiries can now be obtained from the convenience of home or office by using the newly added features on the website.

The software solution was designed and provided by a local Milford, Ohio firm, ClearView Technologies ( ClearView's underlying technology employs artificial intelligence to integrate information often residing in dissimilar systems (such as local and state based databases and worksheets). Specific to the Clermont Auditor's solution is the combination of data from a variety of sources including the County Recorder's office and some other internal systems which up to this point were unavailable by remote access. As a result, all users, residents and professionals alike, now have the ability to review comprehensive sets of disconnected sources of data such as: Owner's History, GIS, Photos, Pictometry, a program that displays an aerial view from all four sides of the property, Deeds, Mortgages and much more.

The automated program has been designed to deliver a number of significant efficiencies such as:

• A sizeable reduction in manual research time, effort and cost

• The timely and accurate presentation of data/information to users, including General Public, Realtors, Surveyors, Attorneys, Title Searchers, Builders, Developers, and other County offices

• An consolidation of public access work stations providing a more flexible and efficient use of floor space

"We must continually seek ways to professionally meet the needs and expectations of those we serve," explained Clermont County Auditor, Linda Fraley. "This investment in technology allows us to improve our current level of service and enhance the commitment of our office to all individuals throughout the County." "Investing in technology is no longer a luxury," said Fraley. "All public agencies are obligated to scrutinize the manner in which they operate, and, as a result, must be vigilant of emerging technologies, newly developed best practices and be willing to embrace those which are proven to improve the experience of those we serve."

For more information, contact the Auditor's Office at (513) 732-7150.
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