Williamsburg girls, New Richmond boys win SBC track championships

May 23rd, 2010    Author: Richard Crawford    Filed Under: Sports

Williamsburg is the champion of the Southern Buckeye Conference National Division (SBC-N) in track and field. This marks only the second time in school history that the Wildcats have won a league crown in the sport. The first time was the junior year of present ‘Burg girls head coach Karen Gaskins Healey in 1978.

“I was so nervous I couldn’t even hold my stop watch. I had to ask the other coaches to write down our times” laughed Healey who spent a good deal of time thinking about her coach Tom Schraffenberger) and teammates of 1978. She was a Clermont County League track and field all-star throughout her prep career.

“This was a huge accomplishment, especially for the seniors. The Wildcat seniors are Amy Brown, Emily Cadwallader, Melanie Carter, Darcy Little, Brooke Nooe, and Courtney Pringle.

Brown was a twin winner for the Blue and White in the SBC-N) showdown that took place at Batavia High School.

Team totals: Williamsburg (Wms) 173), Blanchester (Bl) 156, East Clinton (EC) 70, Batavia (Bat) 43, Felicity (Fel) 32, and Georgetown (Geo) 30.

Following are the scorers in each event, in order, with the winning distance or time listed.

Pole vault: Gabrielle Press (Wms) 7-feet, Courtney Pringle (Wms), and Zike (Bl).

Discus: Brown (Wms) 107-6, Deal (Geo), Darcy Little (Wms), Megan Obermeyer (Fel), Woodruff (EC), and Zike (Bl).

Shot put: Brown (Wms) 37-3, Deal (Geo), Little (Wms), Luck (Geo), Obermeyer (Fel), and Peters (Bl).

High jump: Gizz Brooks (Bl) 4-8, Arica Stutz (Fel), Pringle (Wms), O'Rourke (Blan), Henderson (EC), and Shannon Dewey (Wms).

Long jump: Stutz (Fel) 14-9.25, Heidi McManus (Wms), Brooke Nooe (Wms), McCollister (Bl), Brooks (Bl), and Vankeuren (Geo).

100-meters dash: Bree Barnes (Bl) 13.39 seconds, McManus (Wms), Melanie Carter (Wms), Henderson (EC), Cole (EC), and Vankeuren (Geo).

200 dash: Barnes (Bl) 28.27, Nooe (Wms), Boyd (Bl), Thompson (EC), Henderson (EC), and Carter (Wms).

400 dash: Barnes (Bl) 1:03.81, Molly Bruns (Wms), Jaclyn Crouch (Bat), Boyd (Bl), Thompson (EC), and Shannon Dewey (Wms).

800 run: Crouch (Bat) 2:35.97, Rebekah Jordan (Wms), Robinson (Bl), Bean (EC), Ciara Nickol (Fel), and Slocum (Bl).

1,600 run: Jordan (Wms) 5:55.46, Freytag (Blan), DuBois (EC), Katherine McPhillips (Wms), Ziegelmeyer (Bl), and Cierra Isner (Bat).

3,200 run: Hannah Freytag (Bl) 13:22.11, DuBois (EC), McPhillips (Wms), Isner (Bat), Kacie Smith (Wms), and Richmond (Bl).

100 high hurdles: Jessica Childers (Bl) 17.63, Finley (EC), Stutz (Fel), McCollister (Bl), Carrie Baird (Bat), and Boyer (EC).

300 low hurdles: Baird (Bat) 53.84, Childers (Bl), Finley (EC), Emily Cadwallader (Wms), O'Rourke (Bl), and Boyer (EC).

400 relay: Blanchester 55.12, Williamsburg, Batavia, East Clinton, and Georgetown.

800 relay: Williamsburg (Nooe, Carter, McManus, and Bruns) 1:57.37, Blanchester, and East Clinton.

1,600 relay: Williamsburg (McPhillips, Ryan Gifford, Jordan, and Smith) 4:33.98, Blanchester, Georgetown, Batavia, and East Clinton.

3,200 relay: Blanchester 11:07.18, Williamsburg, and East Clinton.


Team totals: Blanchester 181, Williamsburg 143, Batavia 77, Georgetown 74, East Clinton 25, and Felicity 22.

Pole vault: Nick Heilman (Wms) 11-6, Joey Catron (Wms), McCullough (Bl), Daniel Turner (Bat), and Aaron Wood (Bat).

Discus: Jess Adamson (Geo) 125-11, Michael Posey (Wms), Billy Hickey (Wms), Alex Graening (Bat), Sean Lee (Fel), and Swartz (Geo).

Shot put: Adamson (Geo) 47-9, Hickey (Wms), Ostermeir (Bl), Posey (Wms), Nathan Jacobs (Bat), and Boyd (Bl).

High jump: Chris Shouse (Fel) 5-10, Jackson (Bl), Lewis (Bl), Nick Dierks (Bat), Blackburn (EC), Johnny Franz (Bat), Rothwell (EC).

Long jump: Jason Zavislak (Wms) 19-9.75, Martin (Bl), Catron (Wms), Franz (Bat), Latham (Geo), and Barnes (Bl).

100 dash: Clayton Scheidler (Wms) 11.36, Martin (Bl), Florence (Geo), Barnes (Bl), Miles Ruby (Wms), and Matt Morrow (EC).

200 dash: Daniel Crowe (Bl) 23.60, Zavislak (Wms), McClanahan (Bl), Blackburn (EC), Ethan Rudd (Fel), and Dillon Gilbert (Bat).

400 dash: Jake McClanahan (Bl) 53.13, Rudd (Fel), Hensley (Bl), Robert Oliver (Bat), Charlie Oliver (Wms), and Cropper (Geo).

800 run: Bryson Lewis (Bl) 2:01.39, Cook (Bl), Teegarden (Geo), Theo Simpson (Wms), Ryan Harper (Bat), and Brandon Boggs (Wms).

1,600 run: Lewis (Bl) 4:41.70, Josh Moon (Bat), McAfee (Geo), Boggs (Wms), Jacob Braswell (Bat), and McCullough (Bl).

3,200 run: Nick Afee (Geo) 10:35.96, Moon (Bat), Braswell (Bat), McCullough (Bl), Pack (Geo), and Cook (Bl).

100 high hurdles: Tyler Barney (Bl) 15.94, Martin (Bl), Catron (Wms), Robbin Shanklin (Wms), Daniel Turner (Bat), and Dierks (Bat).

300 intermediate hurdles: Barney (Bl), Shanklin (Wms), Simpson (Wms), Turner (Bat), Morrow (EC), and Slocum (Bl).

400 relay: Williamsburg (Shanklin, Barber, Ruby, and Scheidler) 4:55, Blanchester, East Clinton, Batavia, and Georgetown.

800 relay: Blanchester 1:34.36, Williamsburg, East Clinton, Batavia, and Georgetown.

1,600 relay: Blanchester 3:42.21, Georgetown, Batavia, Williamsburg, and East Clinton.

3,200 relay: Blanchester 8:40.10, Georgetown, Williamsburg, Batavia, and East Clinton.
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