Pierce Township works on bike path

April 23rd, 2010    Author: Brett A. Roller    Filed Under: News

Discussion concerning the development of a mixed use path through Legendary Run Golf Course is ongoing as Pierce Township Trustees debate compensation for easements through the course.

An agreement was made when the development began to build a five-mile hike bike path with the future possibility of an extension.

“I think (Township Administrator Dave) Elmer has been working on the extension of that hiker/biker to serve the adjoining communities,” Fiscal Officer Karen Register said.

The five-mile trail in place was built by the developer and is maintained by the township.

Elmer said the plan is to link the path that ends at 10 Mile Road and Locust Corner Road to the path in the community park. He said that while the Planned Golf Community agreement does call for the path, it does not provide the township with the necessary easements.

"What we've done to date is, we have agreed to 90 percent of the terms and conditions of the easement right itself, and the township has surveyed and the golf course owner has agreed to the location of the path," Elmer said. "If you drive down Locust Corner Road you'll see orange stakes dotting the walk. That is where the center of the path will be located."

Register said the township is very eager to see the project moved forward.

"The last thing we want is for a resident to hit the end of the trail and try to connect on the roadway whether it's on bike or on foot," Register said. "We've had fatalities here on Locust Corner before, not recently, but people were walking along and were struck and killed."

Township resident John Miller emphasized the importance of building a multi-use path according to the suggested standards laid out by the Ohio Department of Transportation.

"The only reason I bring this up is because of my work with Rails and Trails," Miller said. "In Ohio one of the problems they had was people were putting in bike trails, and let's put it this way, they gave out. People would be riding along and all the sudden you've got a five foot hole in front of you. When you're going 18 miles an hour it can get your attention real quick."

The trustees said they would be happy to review the standards and will continue to negotiate with owner Mike McCaw for the easements.

Legendary Run residents will be safe along Bradbury Road during resident Mike Witney's planned litter clean up event Saturday, April 24 from 10 a.m to noon.

Witney said he noticed a lot of trash along the roadways in the township in the spring and he decided to do something about it.

"Like a lot of people I would drive down the road and say why can't people take their trash home and dispose of it properly," Witney said. "Then one day as I was driving I spoke to myself and I said, 'you know, you have something you could do about this."

Clermont 20/20 will be providing bright colored vests, bags, and water. The township police department will be closing the road from 9 a.m. to noon to protect the volunteers.

"The appearance of Pierce Township can be better, it can be always be better," Witney said. "Everyone of us can do this, it's nothing big."

He said following the event volunteers will be a free picnic lunch with hotdogs as a thank you. Volunteers can meet up in the parking lot next to the community center on Legendary Run at about 10 a.m.
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