New Richmond boys, Milford girls county’s best at Glen Este’s Track Invitational

April 23rd, 2010    Author: Richard Crawford    Filed Under: Sports

New Richmond’s boys and Milford’s girls paced the Clermont County teams in the annual Glen Este Track and Field Invitational.

All of the county’s boys and girls varsity sqauds competed in this invite with the single exception of Goshen.

Michelle Thomas, Glen Este junior, was a three-race champion.

Michelle Thomas, Glen Este junior, was a three-event winning at the Trojans
Glen Este sophomore Steven Stoffel and New Richmond senior John Berwanger were the county's double individual competition winners among the boys.

Amy Brown, Williamsburg senior, was Clermont's twin winner among the girls.

The following are the results of each event, first through eighth place, with the winning distance or time included.


Team scores: Kings (K) 155, New Richmond (NR) 96, Milford (M) 93, Glen Este (GE) 73, Harrison (H) 73, Williamsburg (Wms) 53, Bethel-Tate (BT) 41, Amelia (Ame) 27, Felicity (Fel) 21, Clermont Northeastern (CNE) 20, and Batavia (Bat) 8.

Pole vault: Jefferson (K) 12-feet, 0-inches, Trey Adkison (GE), Mike Maupin (NR), Lang (K), Dustin Davidson (BT), Garrett Myers (NR), Bryan Doughman (Ame), and Jimmy Shamblin (Mil).

High jump: Berwanger (NR) 5-10, Maupin (NR), Chris Shouse (Fel), Andrew Smith (Fel), Fox (K), Ben Hittner (Mil), Salarin (H), and Eric Shinkle (BT).

Long jump: Lewis (K) 19-0.5, Fisher (H), Jason Zavislak (Wms), Myers (NR), Smith (Fel), Maupin (NR), Westbrook (K), and Derrick Hopper (Ame).

Discus: Nick Stanton (Mil) 138-10, Lonneman (H), Michael Posey (Wms), William Hickey (Wms), Jonathan Evans (Mil), Levi Meder (NR), Jacob Fishback (CNE), and Knecht (K).

Shot put: Lonneman (H) 46-6, Hickey (Wms), Knecht (K), Foley (H), Logan Chaffin (Mil), Posey (Wms), Westbrook (K), and Aaron Robinson (Ame).

400-meter relay: Williamsburg (Robbin Shanklin, Marcus Barber, Miles Ruby, and Clayton Scheidler) 45.9-seconds, Glen Este, Kings, Milford, New Richmond, Clermont Northeastern, Amelia, and Batavia.

800 relay: Kings 1:35.8, Glen Este, Milford, Williamsburg, Harrison, Clermont Northeastern, Amelia, and Bethel-Tate.

1,600 relay: Milford 3:34.6, Harrison, Glen Este, New Richmond, Amelia, Williamsburg, and Clermont Northeastern.

3,200 relay: Kings 8:33.6, New Richmond, Milford, Bethel-Tate, Amelia, Harrison, Glen Este, and Williamsburg.

110 high hurdles: Berwanger (NR) 14.8, Shawn Taylor (Mil), Kameron Wilson (BT), Niehaus (K), Shinkle (BT), Campbell (K), Robbin Shanklin (Wms), and Josh Drennan (Ame).

100 dash: Lewis (K) 11.1, Huffman (K), Warren (GE), Clayton Scheidler (Wms), Meyers (BT), Meyers (NR), Elrod (H), and Ethan Rudd (Fel).

1,600 run: Stoffel (GE) 4:41.2, Sherman (H), Timmy Hall (NR), Lane (K), Mathus (K), Nathan Braswell (Bat), Alex Ariapad (NR), and Nick Gunther (Ame).

400 dash: Jacob Sydnor (CNE) 52.5, Michelak (K), Lehrter (K), Rudd (Fel), Warren (GE), Anthony Clark (Ame), Shamblin (Mil), and Salatin (H).

800 run: Nick Regueyra (Mil) 2:04.7, Michael Stamper (GE), Fox (K), Anthony Goodrich (NR), Ben Fitzgerral (NR), Whittenberg (K), Sherman (H), and Humble (H).

200 dash: Reggie Carson (Mil) 22.8, Lewis (K), Huffman (K), Meyers (BT), Hittner (Mil), Fisher (H), Warren (GE), and Zavislak (Wms).

300 intermediate hurdles: Taylor (Mil) 41.5, Wilson (BT), Berwanger (NR), Niehaus (K), Campbell (K), Shinkle (BT), Drennan (Ame), and Shane Leinberger (GE).

3,200 run: Stoffel (GE) 10:17.8, Martin (K), Wineberg (K), Hall (NR), Gunther (Ame), Joshua Moon (Bat), Feldhaus (H), and Daniel Chandler (Bat).


Team scores: Kings 140, Milford 101, Harrison 92, Bethel-Tate 77, New Richmond 57, Williamsburrg 54, Glen Este 47, Amelia 45, Felicity 33, Clermont Northeastern 6, and Batavia 4.

Pole vault: Robber (H) 10-6.

High jump: Arica Stutz (Fel) 4-10, Taylor Atkins (BT), Meer (H), Noelle Schickling (NR), Miranda Sheaffer (Mil), Megan Knight (Mil), Cyra Jones (BT), and Kappner (K).

Long jump: Autumn Schellenberger (BT) 15-0, Stutz (Fel), Kelly Minarchek (BT), Carlie Mankin (GE), Young (KM), Schickling (NR), Cope (KM), and Emily Cadwallader (Wms).

Discus: Brown (Wms) 110-2, Darcy Little (Wms), Littleton (H), Lindsay Bartsch (Mil), Megan Obermeyer (Fel), Paige Clousson (Ame), Davis (K), and Jessica Irvin (CNE).

Shot put: Brown (Wms) 34-8, Davis (K), Little (Wms), Morgan Wolcott (Mil), Bartsch (Mil), Lauren Wittman (Ame), Kayla Kelly (Fel), and Chandley Altom (GE).

400 relay: Milford (Christen Nagy, Anna Zuccala, Bartsch, and Savanna Termuhlen) 54.16, Bethel-Tate, Kings, Amelia, Williamsburg, Batavia, Clermont Northeastern, and Glen Este.

800 relay: Kings 1:54.3, Milford, New Richmond, Williamsburg, Felicity, Glen Este, and Clermont Northeastern.

1,600 relay: Kings 4:04.51, Harrison, New Richmond, Milford, Amelia, Bethel-Tate, and Glen Este.

3,200 relay: Kings 10:18, Milford, New Richmond, Harrison, Glen Este, Williamsburg, Amelia, and Clermont Northeastern.

100 high hurdles: Allison Hock-James (Ame) 15.63, Schellenberger (BT), Robben (H), Stutz (Fel), Sheaffer (Mil), Claire Schaljo (BT), Crystal Wright (Ame), and Kelsey Meranda (Mil).

100 dash: Walter (K) 12.54, Hall (H), Adams (H), Heidi McManus (Wms), Morgan Calhoun (BT), Katie Schumacher (NR), Anna Zuccala (Mil), and Johnson (K).

1,600 run: Thomas (GE) 5:11.8, Miller (K), Ashley Lanigan (BT), Kelly Johnson (Mil), Clem (K), Emily Erdman (NR), Beth Wilson (Ame), and Laura Fend (Mil).

400 dash: Haley (KM) 1:00.43, Hall (H), Erin Morris (Mil), Young (K), Rupp (NR), Madison Laskarzewski (Mil), Mary Svintsitski (Ame), and Schumacher (NR).

800 run: Thomas (GE) 2:20.26, Miller (K), Lanigan (BT), Meyers (H), Glenn (NR), Abby Dierks (Mil), Veronica Burnam (NR), and Jaclyn Crouch (Bat).

200 dash: Riveron (K) 26.20, Hall (H), Adams (H), Calhoun (BT), Svintsitski (Ame), Schumacher (NR), Mattson (K), and Rupp (NR).

300 low hurdles: Robben (H) 48.06, Sheaffer (Mil), Meranda (Mil), Wright (Ame), Cope (K), Georgia Buckingham (NR), Schickling (NR), and Andrews (K).

3,200 run: Thomas (GE) 11:08.3, Goodwin (K), Johnson (Mil), Dunn (K), Wilson (Ame), Erdman (NR), Fend (Mil), and Alyssa Sexton (GE)
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