Warriors and Lions in tight fight during New Richmond Track and Field Invitational

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The 40th Annual New Richmond Track and Field Invitational was won by Blanchester’s boys and Western Brown’s girls. Goshen nipped New Richmond for runner-up among the boys.

Bethel-Tate’s Brian Myers was the top male performer winning the 100 and 200-meter dashes and Amelia’s Ali Hock-James paced the females with her triumphs in the 100 and 300-meter hurdles.

Following are the best eight places in each event, one through eight, with the winning distance or time.


Blanchester (Bl) scored 89 points, Goshen (Gos) 83, New Richmond (NR) 82, Bethel-Tate (BT) 58, Brossart, Ky. (Br) 54, North Adams (NA) 50, Williamsburg (Wms) 42, Cincinnati Hills Christian (CHC) 39, Western Brown (WB) 36, Roger Bacon (RB) 26, Clermont Northeastern (CNE) 21.5, Georgetown (Geo) 20, Felicity (Fel) 16, Purcell Marian (PM) 16, Ripley (R) 15.5, Amelia (Ame) 6, and Batavia (Bat) 5.

Pole vault: Mike Maupin (NR) 11-feet, 6-inches, Brandon Harker (Gos), Dustin Davidson (BT), Jones (WB), Brian Doughman (Ame), Casey Meyers (NR), Joshua Sanft (CNE), and Logan (CHC).

Discus: Macklin Tudor (WB) 140-04, Adamson (Geo), Michael Posey (Wms), Hancock (NA), Billy Hickey (Wms), Thiel (CHC), Johnson (R), and Kessel (R).

Shot put: Tudor (WB) 47-9.5, Kessel (R), Chuck Murphy (Gos), Thiel (CHC), Pack (WB), Posey (Wms), Calvin Phillips (Gos), and Hickey (Wms).

High jump: Chris Shouse (Fel) 5-10, John Berwanger (NR), Maupin (NR), Andrey (NA), Jackson (Bl), Lewis (Bl), Andrew Smith (Fel), and Austin (RB).

Long jump: John Martin (Bl) 20-3.5, Barney (Bl), Michael Latchford (Gos), Jake Allen (Gos), Perkins (CHC), Maupin (NR), Stover (Br), and England (R).

100: Myers (BT) 11.86, Jacob Hacker (CNE), Marcus Casey (Gos), Smith (PM), Bell (CHC), Florence (Geo), Moore (WB), and Jacob Sydnor (CNE).

200: Myers (BT) 24.45, Casey (Gos), McClanahan (Bl), Smith (PM), Miles Derkson (NR), Clayton Scheidler (Wms), and Perkins (CHC).

400: Casey (Gos) 51.23, Wallace (CHC), Austin (RB), McClanahan (Bl), Ethan Rudd (Fel), Sydnor (CNE), Henley (Bl), and Flint (CHC).

800: Bryson Lewis (Bl) 2:03.55, Nate McQueen (Gos), Holtkamp (Br), G. Payne (NA), J. Payne (NA), Sam McAninch (Gos), Sutherland (WB), and Anthony Goodrich (NR).

1,600: Lewis (Bl) 4:40.95, Holtkamp (Br), Timmy Hall (NR), McAfee (Geo), Wurtzler (RB), McQueen (Gos), Sutherland (WB), and Josh Moon (Bat).

3,200: Matt Wurtzler (RB) 10:26.67, Hall (NR), Lance Lambert (BT), Foster (Br), McAfee (Geo), Burns (NA), Jacob Braswell (Bat), and McCullough (Bl).

100 high hurdles: Berwanger (NR) 16.11, Kameron Wilson (BT), Barney (Bl), Elam (Br), Harper (NA), Robbin Shanklin (Wms), Stover (Br), and Derkson (NR).

300 intermediate hurdles: Wilson (BT) 42.89, Berwanger (NR), Barney (Bl), Harper (NA), Derskon (NR), Elam (Br), Erik Shinkle (BT), and Moore (WB).

400 relay: Williamsburg (Shanklin, Marcus Barber, Miles Ruby, and Clayton Scheidler) 46.08, Clermont Northeastern, Purcell Marian, New Richmond, Roger Bacon, North Adams, Goshen, and Brossart.

800 relay: Blanchester 1:35.74, Williamsburg, Brossart, North Adams, Goshen, and Ripley.

1,600 relay: Cincinnati Hills Christian 3:36.54, Goshen, Brossart, Blanchester, Williamsburg, North Adams, and Batavia.

3,200 relay: Brossart 8:49.47, North Adams, Batavia, New Richmond, Goshen, Blanchester, Amelia, and Cincinnati Hills Christian.


Pole vault: Autumn Schellenberger (BT) 9-8, Maegan Briggs (Gos), Lantz (CHC), Hickman (Br), Marlow (WB), Kayla Maupin (NR), Courtney Pringle (Wms), and Kleemeyer (WB).

Discus: Darcy Little (Wms) 96-4, Britt (Br), Deal (Geo), Amy Brown (Wms), Megan Obermeyer (Fel), Wright (R), Plymesser (R), and Kidney (Br).

High jump: Arica Stutz (Fel) 4-10, Noelle Schickling (NR), Pringle (Wms), Atallah (CHC), Fleissner (Br), Georgia Buckingham (NR), Denise Floyd (BT), and Brooks (Bl).

Long jump: Morgan Orr (WB) 15-8.5, Atallah (CHC), Schellenberger (BT), Aja Pettit (Gos), Schickling (NR), McCollister (Bl), Rall (RB), and Brooke Nooe (Wms).

100: Morgan Orr (WB) 13.44, Klump (Br), Humphrey (RB), Morgan Calhoun (BT), Heidi McManus (Wms), Katie Schumach (NR), and Mary Svintsitski (Ame).

200: Orr (WB) 27.64, Klump (Br), Calhoun (BT), Barnes (Bl), Henderson (R), Schmacher (NR), Humphrey (RB), and Blackwell (PM).

400: Sarah Klump (Br) 1:03.29, McKayla Rupp (NR), Schumacher (NR), Andi Lanigan (BT), Boyd (Bl), Fielders (Br), and Ciara Nickol (Fel).

800: Emily Siemer (WB) 2:34.80, Gibbons (WB), Richmond (RB), Veronica Burnam (NR), Rebekah Jordan (Wms), Sarah Glenn (NR), Jaclyn Crouch (Bat), and Briggs (Gos).

1,600: Shelby Gibbons (WB) 5:44.90, Richmond (RB), Walton (CHC), Donnelly (Br), Emily Erdman (NR), Wiggington (NA), Fancher (WB), and Rachael Wilson (Ame).

3,200: Christine Moon (WB) 12:01.62, Tudor (WB), Erdman (NR), Walton (CHC), Andrea Belmont (NR), Lipp (RB), Kacie Smith (Wms), and Smith (CHC).

100 high hurdles: Hock-James (Ame) 15.89, Schellenberger (BT), Ridder (Br), Childers (Bl), Carolin Baker (BT), Stutz (Fel), Zeller (WB), and Carrie Baird (Bat).

300 low hurdles: Hock-James (Ame) 50.47, Emma Imbus (Wms) 53.65, Baker (BT), Hickman (Br), Ridder (Br), Schickling (NR), Zeller (WB), and Cassie Grooms (NR).

400 relay: Brossart 54.24, Bethel-Tate, Amelia, Roger Bacon, Western Brown, Blanchester, Williamsburg, and New Richmond.

800 relay: Brossart 1:56.83, Western Brown, New Richmond, Roger Bacon, Williamsburg, Goshen, and Ripley.

1,600 relay: New Richmond 4:28.26, Brossart, Roger Bacon, Amelia, Blanchester, Western Brown, Bethel-Tate, and Williamsburg.

3,200 relay: Western Brown 10:44.74, New Richmond, Roger Bacon, Bethel-Tate, Blanchester, Cincinnati Hills Christian, Brossart, and Ripley.
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