Grant Career Center students demonstrate skills on model cars

April 16th, 2010    Author: Staff Report    Filed Under: Community

As students in the Grant Career Center Auto Collision program learn new skills, they practice in their lab on full size cars, panels, and doors. Dent removal, filler applications, sanding, welding, and painting can be seen on a daily basis in the lab.

To showcase their newly perfected skills, the students dropped down in scale to model cars.

Students list their favorite cars and the instructors search through mountains of models at the Ben Franklin store in Bethel.

"Model car building is a great hobby for kids of all ages. It teaches them to follow instructions and build something from the ground up," Ben Franklin store owner Tim Smith said. "It also teaches the students patience and allows them to do a really good job. I like how the teachers make a point in showing the students the transference of knowledge from what they do everyday to the scaled down models."

Students open the models with great anticipation and begin the building process. Boxes of assorted parts morph into hot rods, trucks, and great cars of the past. Then the creative process truly becomes apparent.

Paints are applied with great precision with tiny brushes and spray guns. Fancy finishes and saucy striping take over, and the plain plastic becomes a work of art.

The day finally arrives when the tables are pulled out, and it is Car Show Day. Students proudly display their models and hope to impress the judges. Staff members from the Career Center wander around the tables and examine the models from all angles.

Expertise varies among the staff from true car aficionados to those who utter, "Which ones are the GM products?"

In the end, the winners emerge from the pack and awards are distributed.

Winners of this year's Model Car Show are as follows: Best of Show, (tie) Colton Griffin and Branden Stacy; Best Junior Model, Trent Ragland; Best Senior Model, Robbie McAfee; Best Junior Paint, (tie) Kevin Hamblin and Richard Klette; Best Senior Paint, Branden Stacy; Best Displayed Model, Esteban Rivera; Best Chrysler, Trent Ragland; Best Ford Corporate, Kile Fleak; Best General Motors, Colton Griffin; Best Truck, Greg Forsee; Best Engine, Robbie McAfee; Best Interior, Destiny Hackney, Best Under Carriage, Leroy Blevins; Best 1970 & Down Street Rod, Kevin Hamblin; Best 1971 & Up Street Machine, Sean Rose; Junior Best Effort, Destiny Hackney; Senior Best Effort, Kirt Forbes.

If your sophomore son or daughter is interested in a career in the auto collision industry, investigate career options and college partnerships on our website at or call the Career Center for more information at (513) 734-6222.
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