Ashcraft going to state bowling tourney; Eagles and Trojans compete at district

March 12th, 2010    Author: Richard Crawford    Filed Under: Sports

Jason Ashcraft has qualified for the state championship bowling tournament after his outstanding performance at the district tournament.

The state tournament will take place this weekend at Shawnee Lanes, Springfield.

Ashcraft, a junior, bowled a 667 with games of, in order, 246, 180, and 241 at Eastern Lanes. Among the individual state qualifiers he turned in the second-best score.

Team-wise, among the boys Kenton Ridge was the winner with 4435, Glen Este was 14th with 3838, and Milford was 23rd with 3496.

The best three-game totals turned in by the Eagles, in addition to Ashcraft's score, were Brad Long's 487 and Adam Edwards' 486.

The Trojans best three-game totals were achieved by Jaek Pesnichak 623, Tyler Dieringer 554, Nathan Franz 536, and Nick Pesnichak 524.

Milford coach Frank Ritzmann pointed out Ashcraft's 667 the best-ever three-game tally turned in by the state qualifier.

"Beginning with the sectional he's been bowling really well. He has certainly adjusted well on the lanes," Ritzmann said.


Among the girls, Glen Este finished 21st with a total of 2912 and Milford was 24th with 2427.

The Trojans' three-game scores were Lauren Gerber 463, Sarah Rowe 431, Lori Davis 412, Hannah Ruehlman 391, and Erin Hunley 354.

The E-Gals' best three game tallies were Allyson McGeorge 418 and Samantha Higgis 367.

Sarah Barrial was Goshen's lone district qualifier. She rolled a 435.

Regular season

As they approached the time for tournament tussels, Milford's girls won their final three matches.

The E-Gals downed the Lakota East Thunderhawks 2097-1998. Kara Bough's 311 paced the two-game scores recorded for the Red and White.

Milford struck down Sycamore's Aviators 2415-2123 with Olson's 362 being the best total made by an E-Gal.

The Red and White downed Deer Park's Wildcats 2018-1772. Jessica Kovacs and Bough rolled the best series for the northwestern Clermont countians with respective totals of 310 and 303.

All three games were of the non-conference variety.

On the boys' side of the lanes, Glen Este finished strongest.

The Trojans wiped out Winton Woods' Warriors twice with the respective scores of 2600-2167 and 2702-1980.

Jaekob Pesnichak had the best day for GE in the first of the Trojans' triumphs. He fired a two-game total of 452. In the second win over the Fort Ancient Valley Conference Buckeye Division adversary, Dieringer rolled a 408, Zac Hayes 400, and Jaekob Pesnichak 395.

In a non-conference game against next-door neighbor McNicholas, the Purple and White pounded the Rockets 2865-2537. Jaekob Pesnichak bowled a 488, Nathan Franz 431, and Paul Hudson 419.

Goshen easily walloped Withrow's Tigers 2307-1905. Pyle's 391 was the best total struck by the Warriors.

The Red and Gray won an inter-county showdown over Amelia 2109-2014. The victors were led by Garth Whitaker's 352 and the vanquished were led by Zac Vestring's 379.

Amelia struck back at Goshen by knocking off the inter-county rival 2226-2180. Vestring's 385 paced the attack of the victorious Barons.

All of Goshen's games were non-league.

Milford won their two final frames of competition before tournament action got underway.

The Eagles spared nothing to sink Sycamore 2635-2414. Ashcraft earned a 425 and Jared Bussell a 417 for the conquerors.

In a 2416-1919 decision over Deer Park, Edwards and Brad Long shared best scoring honors with 384s.

The Red and White was set back by Loveland 2312-2280. Brad Long's 346 and Joseph Langschwager's 332 were the best two-round totals tallied by Milford.

In another non-conference confrontation, the Eagles were defeated by Lakota East 2510-2448. Edwards' 408 was the best two-round sum achieved by the Red and White.

FAVC boys averages

The Fort Ancient Valley Conference recently released the final individual bowler's average through the regular season.

The Trojans' averages for the season were Jaekob Pesnichak 209.4 (tied for conference's best), Nathan Franz 192.9, Nic Pesnichak 190.8, Zac Hayes 188.4, Paul Hudson 188.1, and Tyler Dieringer 184.9.

The Milford averages were Jason Ashcraft 181.4, Jared Bussell 179.1, Brad Long 175.2, Adam Edwards 174.9, Mike Emerson 168.9, Joseph Langschwager 168.2, and Justin Birkley 165.6.

The Amelia averages were Zac Vestring 195.3, Kyle Clements 155.5, Tyler Coleman 139.3, Brandon Hall 137.5, Tyler Stenten 133.3, and Joey Lewis 128.9.

FAVC girls averages

The girls averages also use the scores turned in through the regular season.

The Trojans' averages were Lauren Gerber 167.2, Lorianne Davis 165.6, Sarah Rowe 156.7, Hannah Ruehlman 146.4, Erin Hunley 134.0, and Amber Walters 120.9.

The E-Gals' averages were Samantha Higgins 152.2, Alysson McGeorge 147.5, Jessica Olson 146.0, Katie Lamb 136.3, Jessica Kovacs 134.4, Layne Burrows 121.8, and Heather Higgins 116.8.

The Barons' averages were Sarah Flory 152.5, Elaina Simons 136.9, Lauren Dietrich 132.3, Jourdan Dozier 125.5, Mary Dusing 115.2, Emily Partack 114.9, and Shelby Meckley 112.6.
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