Grant Career Center Business Professionals compete at regionals

February 26th, 2010    Author: Staff Report    Filed Under: Community

The Grant Career Center chapter of the Business Professionals of America proved that they were ready to “Shoot for Success” in 2009-2010 as they did their best to make their way to this spring’s national conference in Anaheim, Calif.

Thirty-six students started their journey by winning 62 competitive event medals in District 13 Regional Competition at Grant Career Center.

Nineteen students earned the privilege to represent Grant Career Center at the State Competition in Columbus on March 18 and 19.

Regional winners eligible for state level competition are denoted with an *:

Keyboarding Production- 1st place- Nikki Houlihan* (Bethel-Tate), 2nd place - Becka Hedge* (New Richmond), 3rd place - Eli Wright (Williamsburg), 4th place - Rachelle Reardon (Bethel-Tate), 5th place - Corey Bishop (Williamsburg), 6th place - Amanda Davis (Bethel-Tate);

Fundamental Word Processing - 3rd place - Courtney Jenkins (Williamsburg), 4th place - Sabrina Nicting (New Richmond), 5th place - Hannah Kareth (Bethel-Tate);

Advanced Word Processing - 1st place - Megan Colwell* (Bethel-Tate), 2nd place - Jaimie Flarida* (Bethel-Tate), 3rd place - Trisha Casnellie (Felicity), 4th place - Kelsey Carter (Williamsburg), 5th place - Becka Hedge (New Richmond), 6th place - Lauren Petalver (New Richmond);

Graphic Design Promotion - 4th place - Shelby Taulbee (Felicity);

Advanced Office Systems and Procedures - 2nd place - Cheyenne Norris* (New Richmond), 3rd place - Megan Hicks (New Richmond), 4th place - Sabrina Nicting (New Richmond);

Basic Office Systems and Procedures - 1st place - Natalie Oberschlake* (Bethel-Tate), 3rd place - Hannah Kareth (Bethel-Tate), 4th place - Kim Klein (Bethel-Tate), 5th place - Lindsey Shelton (Bethel-Tate);

Medical Office Procedures - 1st place - Liz Osborne* (Bethel-Tate), 2nd place - Cheyenne Norris* (New Richmond), 3rd place - Lea Wedmore (Bethel-Tate), 4th place - Nikki Houlihan (Bethel-Tate), 5th place - Haley Richards (Williamsburg), 6th place - Kelsey Carter (Williamsburg);

Interview Skills - 1st place - Jessica Meadors* (Williamsburg), 2nd place - Lauren Petalver (New Richmond);

Prepared Speech - 1st place - Samantha Cox* (Bethel-Tate), 2nd place - Elsie Silman (New Richmond); Payroll

Accounting - 1st place - Trisha Pancake* (New Richmond), 3rd place - Kim Benjamin (Felicity), 4th place - Jessica Meadors (Williamsburg), 5th place - Lindsey Shelton (Bethel-Tate);

Administrative Support Concepts - 1st place - Courtney Jenkins (Williamsburg), 3rd place- Jaimie Flarida (Bethel-Tate), 4th place - Elsie Silman (New Richmond), 5th place - Kim Benjamin (Felicity);

Financial Math and Analysis - 1st place - Eli Wright (Williamsburg), 2nd place - Haley Richards (Williamsburg), 3rd place - Megan Hicks (New Richmond), 5th place - Jaimie Flarida (Bethel-Tate);

Management/Marketing/Human Resource Management - 4th place - Travis Small (Bethel-Tate), 6th place - Jenny Hoskins (Bethel-Tate);

Economic Research Project - Team - 1st place - Kim Benjamin* (Felicity), Jaimie Flarida* (Bethel-Tate), and Ashley Whisner* (Bethel-Tate);

Banking and Finance - 4th place - Taylor Eckart (New Richmond), 5th place - Jennifer Oetzel (New Richmond);

Fundamental Spreadsheets- 1st place - Crystal Dodson* (New Richmond), 3rd place - Megan Hicks (New Richmond), 4th place - Megan Colwell (Bethel-Tate), 5th place - Amber Manning (New Richmond), 6th place - Jenny Hoskins (Bethel-Tate);

Fundamental Accounting - 1st place - Taylor Eckart* (New Richmond), 2nd place - Eli Wright* (Williamsburg), 3rd place Corey Bishop (Williamsburg), 4th place - Jeff Hensley (New Richmond), 5th place - Kim Philhower (Bethel-Tate);

Integrated Office Applications - 1st place - Liz Osborne* (Bethel-Tate);

Advanced Interview Skills - 1st place - Courtney Jenkins* (Williamsburg);

The Grant Career Center Chapter of Business Professionals of America is the youth organization for the business programs at the Career Center including Business and Finance, Cooperative Education, and Medical Information Tech.

Region 13 comprises schools in Adams, Brown, Clermont, Highland and Fayette Counties, and the Forest Hills School District in Hamilton County.

The students are taught at Grant Career Center by Jana Adams, Dana Arey, Linda Back and Shelia Farrell.

Business Professionals of America is a national organization for any student preparing for careers in business and information technology. Its mission is to contribute to the preparation of a world-class work force through the advancement of leadership, citizenship, academic, and technological skills.
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