Skaggs and Dietrich win crowns at Milford Mat Invite

February 7th, 2010    Author: Staff Report    Filed Under: Sports

New Richmond’s Austin Skaggs and Milford’s Connor Dietrich were Clermont County’s individual weight class champions at the Milford Invitational Wrestling Tournament that first took place in 1975.

Team scores

Teamwise, Princeton’s Vikings (P) won team laurels with 243 points, Loveland (L) had 171, Turpin (T) 133.5, Anderson (A) 130.5, New Richmond (NR) 117, Xenia (X) 115, Western Brown (WB) 110.5, West Carrollton (WC) 104, Wilmington (Wil) 102, Milford (Mil) 96, Deer Park (DP) 73, Withrow (Wit) 72, Sycamore (S) 71.5, Western Hills (WH) 63, Winton Woods (WW) 62, Hillsboro (H) 48.5, Kings (K) 48, and McNicholas 9.



Following are the results of each weight class with the championship finals listed first followed by the consolation finals.

103-pounds: Austin Skaggs (NR) over Jim York (WC) 4-0 and Tony Grigsby (X) over Dearius Price (P) 3-2.

112: Corey Selmon (P) over Kurtis Fox (WB) 4-2 and Justin Anderson (A) over Josh Collier (WC) 7-3.

119: Patrick Campbell (A) over Kendall Sorells (P) 20-8 and Tyrone Glover (X) over Jake Latham (WB) 17-9. Cody Gabelman (NR) fifth.

125: Joey Samecki (L) over Tory Bauer (WB) 7-3 and Adam Galloway (T) over Moges Tsegay (WW) 8-0.

130: Donnie Ballou (WH) over Ryan Whitney (S) 12-6 and Darian Nelson (P) over Jared Burgdorf (Mil) 13-5.

135: Randy Kocol (WC) over Quentin Dunn (Mil) 10-2 and Isaac Bray (Wil) pinned Mason Hunick (H) 4-minutes, 45-seconds.

140: Joe Bruewer (DP) over Jeryd Wilder (P) 8-0 and Kyle Ross (Wil) over BJ Adams (Wit) 9-8.

145: Prude Geh (WW) over Justiin Dillinger (WB) 6-5 and Cody Okoroski (T) over Chaz Schebor (L) 10-3.

152: Connor Dietrich (Mil) over DeAuntay Francis (P) 7-2 and Josh Carrington (L) pinned Kyle Koch (A) 2:07.

160: Charles Mason (P) over Andrew Nealan (NR) by default and Jake Rheude (T) over Devi Croley (X) by forfeit. 171: Kylee Knabe (L) over Darelle Pressley (P) 7-5 and Lel Freeman (WW) over Shadrach Brausch (Wil) 6-4.

189: Jeremy Stepp (P) over Matt Kelly (T) 11-5 and Drew Weigel (Mil) over Jordan Murph (Wit) 11-5.

215: Chris Cowman (Wil) over Keith Chabot (A) 7-6 and Brian Gelter (NR) pinned Gunnar Patton (WB) 1:37.

285: Blake Lucas (X) over Terry Norton (P) 6-4 and Brandop Mitchell (Wit) over Dustin Brown (L) 11-3.
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