Amelia considers more involvement with seniors

January 8th, 2010    Author: Marsha Mundy    Filed Under: News

During the meeting of the Amelia Village Council Monday, Jan. 4, Mayor Leroy Ellington suggested that one of the newly elected council members may want to serve as a liaison on the commission for senior citizen support.

“We have been reaching out to senior citizens in Amelia with the Senior Support Commission since 2008,” said Ellington. “We have been working with the Amelia Police Department and Union Township Fire Department on this commission. My wife, Melita, is the chair of the commission. I feel that this needs to be a village sanctioned commission with more involvement by the village council.”

Ellington noted that Amelia Police Chief Jeff Sucher had implemented the Safer Seniors Program, which involves an occasional visit or phone call to check on area seniors who live alone.

"Forms are filled out by senior citizens which include their doctor's names and contact numbers, their medications and other emergency medical information," Ellington said. "The police are usually the first responders if there is a problem. The police know them and know the next of kin and who to contact. We have plenty of information about our seniors to assist medical personnel."

Ellington said the program also involves a self-defense program for seniors and the Union Township Fire Department has been doing blood pressure checks and CPR training.

"If anyone knows someone who needs information about the Safer Seniors Program, please notify the village so we can contact them," said Chief Sucher.

"This commission offers social and community involvement opportunities for our senior citizens," said Ellington. "We have a movie night and they are involved in putting together boxes to be sent to our troops serving overseas."

In addition, the group is working in conjunction with Clermont County Senior Services, according to Melita Ellington.

"Amelia Crossing is a prototype that is being looked at by Clermont County Senior Services as a way to connect with senior citizens," said Melita Ellington. "We have been partnering with Clermont County Senior Services and are under their umbrella with many of the programs such as Meals on Wheels. We recently met with UC Clermont to partner with them. It is important that young people learn how to communicate with senior citizens. We are also involved in the cooking show on Union Township Television."

She said that there were many opportunities to expand what they are currently doing. She also said that the needs are growing more each year. She noted that often seniors just need help with minor repairs around the home and volunteers are always welcome.

Leroy Ellington said that building good relationships with senior citizens is important for the village.

"Many times people are fearful of complaining to their landlord if there is a problem in their apartment or house," Leroy Ellington said. "Sometimes a call from the mayor or police chief is all that is needed to make a difference in the lives of people. We want to connect with people in the village who need help."

For more information about signing up a senior citizen for the Safer Seniors Program, call the village office at (513) 753-4747 or visit their web site to fill out the form online at
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