Improvements to property driven by civic pride

December 20th, 2009    Author: Marsha Mundy    Filed Under: News

When the former Gold Miner’s Inn was listed for sale, Craig Lytle said he really had no plans to purchase it, but he does have an interest in the Village of Batavia and so he bought it in July 2009. Since that time he has put a new roof on the building, replaced the siding, added new windows and doors and made the place secure. He is currently working on the inside of the building, tearing out old drywall and replacing all the electric wiring.

“I will probably use this building as corporate offices for my auction business,” said Lytle. “I plan to remodel it inside and turn it into office space, but it depends on the economy.”

Lytle said he would love to see a nice restaurant housed in the building, but that right now it is not economically feasible for him to do that.

The former Gold Miner's Inn was selected by the Village Association of Batavia as a Property Improvement Award winner for November 2009.
Lytle is the owner of Craig Lytle Auctioneer, located 675 College Drive. He renovated that business when he bought it four years ago and holds bi-weekly auctions at that location.

"We sell anything and everything you can think of," said Lytle. "Whatever you bring in, we'll sell."

Lytle said he has been concerned about the downtown Batavia business district and wanted to do something to help.

"It is a good goal to do our part to revitalize downtown Batavia," said Lytle. "I have no interest in having a bar in this location but I would eventually like to have a restaurant in here with breakfast and lunch served. It won't happen any time soon."

Lytle said the interior is in rough condition and it will take a lot to get it done right.

"I have an interest in Batavia and would like to see more businesses coming into the village," said Lytle. "Doing something like this just improves the property values. I have had a great response from the people in the community who are glad to see this place occupied."

He said in choosing the colors for the building, he went with colors in surrounding businesses so that the building would blend in nicely.

He said that the interior electrical work will be completed soon but he was unsure just how quickly he can move his corporate offices into the building.

The historic building was built during the Batavia Gold Rush when gold was discovered in the Elk Lick Valley in 1868. It was first the Gold Miner's Inn, a former hotel. According to historical records, in the early 1900s it was the C. T. Kramer Bakery. In the 1950s it was Danbury's Cafe and later it was the Green Shutters Restaurant.

Lytle expressed an interest in selling the building or renovating to accomodate a restaurant, but said that he will utilize it as offices until the economy turns around.

For more information about the auction house, visit his web site at or call him at (513) 236-5325.
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